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The Melbourne Quarantine Station – Spirits of Isolation

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Welcome to the Melbourne Quarantine Station, a site nestled on the Mornington Peninsula in Portsea, Australia. Initially established in 1852 as a defence against the invasion of infectious diseases, it was once known as the ‘Sanitary Station’ and harbours a dark history steeped in despair. The arrival of the Ticonderoga, also referred to as “the plague ship” in 1852, increased the need for a Quarantine Station as sickness ravaged its passengers, some were even left […]

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Randolph County Asylum – The Poor Farmhouse of Sorrow

Indiana, United States

Located in Winchester, Indiana, The Randolph County Asylum, built in 1899, was originally established as the Randolph County Poorhouse. This property housed those deemed unable to work, including the mentally and physically disabled, single mothers, the elderly, and orphans. The residents of this grim institution, once tasked with maintaining the farm, faced challenges where age or physical ability often hindered their labour efforts. With a tumultuous past that saw a wooden building ravaged by fire […]

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Beechworth Gaol – A Haunting Place for Condemned Souls

Victoria, Australia

The notorious Beechworth Gaol looms large over the historic town of Beechworth in Victoria, Australia. Construction with stone and iron began in 1859, but the history of this grim fortress extends far beyond mere imprisonment. Within its walls once dwelled some of Australia’s most notorious figures, including the infamous bushranger outlaw Ned Kelly, his family, and the members of the Kelly gang. The gaol’s original wooden gates were replaced with iron barriers in 1880, due […]

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The Jamaica Inn – A Safe Haven for Smugglers

United Kingdom

The mysterious Jamaica Inn is a place steeped in centuries of haunting history. Built in 1750 as a coaching stop for travellers crossing the desolate moors, this foreboding establishment stands as a link between the towns of Bodmin and Launceston. The original structure was expanded in 1778 to include a coach house, stable, and tack house, creating the unsettling “L shape” main part of the building. But behind its facade of hospitality it once concealed […]

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