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Glenbarr Homestead: Haunted House in South Australia

South Australia, Australia

In the charming town of Strathalbyn sits a historic house that is of extreme significance to the area. Known as Glenbarr, this property was established by early Scottish pioneers in South Australia during the early 1840s. William Rankine was to build the homestead, which was one of the first in the area. His family would go on to occupy the house for some 80 years. Today, the house still stands proud and the property remains […]

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Ghosts of Willow Court Asylum

Tasmania, Australia

Willow Court Asylum is the oldest mental health facility in Australia. The site, which is located in New Norfolk Tasmania, was formerly known as the Royal Derwent Hospital and dates back to 1827. Willow Court became a necessity for the area after it was realized that many convicts were suffering from mental health issues. The asylum was to see a lengthy life, becoming the longest continually run asylum to operate in Australia, remaining open until […]

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Uley Road Cemetery: Ghosts and Dark Rituals in South Australia

South Australia, Australia

Uley Road Cemetery is a small and weathered place of burial that has a long and interesting history. Many of the tombstones have been broken, bent or cracked and the original chapel that once stood nearby no longer exists. The small cemetery, however, remains a still and calm area for those at rest. Yet, there are some who believe the cemetery is haunted and a place where dark entities may dwell. In 1859 the Uley […]

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Clifford’s Tower a Haunted Massacre Site: Ghosts of York, England

York, England

York is claimed by many to be one of the most haunted cities in England. It is a place filled with history from a dark past, yet there is one site that is far bloodier than the rest. Clifford’s Tower is a massive stone edifice that watches over York from the height of a great mound. The tower is actually the old keep of York Castle and originally built in 1068 under the orders of […]

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