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Ghosts of the Westin St. Francis: Haunted Hotel in San Francisco

San Francisco, California, United States

The Westin St. Francis is one of the most renowned hotels in San Francisco. It proudly looks over the bustling tourist hub that is Union Square, and has remained at the city’s epicenter since its construction in 1904. Although the hotel is much beloved by locals and sought-after to spend time during a stay for many visitors, it also has a dark side. The Westin St. Francis has been the scene of some rather unfortunate […]

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Ernest Junction Tunnel: Haunted Queensland, Australia

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The Ernest Junction Tunnel lies in the underbelly of a sleepy suburb just outside of Brisbane, Australia. It is an imposing, dark passage cloaked in rather sinister graffiti. The tunnel was once an important pass-through for the South Coast Railway Line. Today the tunnel has been abandoned, yet is preserved as a piece of Queensland’s rail history. The Ernest Junction Tunnel was constructed in 1888 and served until 1964 when it saw the last passenger […]

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Is South Australia’s Stenhouse Bay Ghost Town Haunted?

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Stenhouse Bay was the name of a small settlement on the coast of South Australia. Today, not much is left of the town apart from some ruins and a few select restored buildings. This now ghost town was settled in the early 1900s, growing to around 200 inhabitants at its peak. The town thrived from 1913 to around 1930 as gypsum mining in the area was prosperous. Though this was a small settlement, Stenhouse Bay […]

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Most Haunted Museum in Asia: Penang War Museum

Penang, Malaysia

Penang boasts the largest war museum in South East Asia, which also happens to be the most haunted. Given the history of this area, which is soaked in battles, torture and execution, it is easy to understand just why this is. Originally named Batu Maung Fort, this sprawling defense was built by the British in the 1930s. Its purpose was to protect trade routes, though it became something much different as WWII rolled around. Soon […]

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