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San Francisco’s Most Haunted Hotel: Ghosts of the Queen Anne Hotel

San Francisco, California, United States

San Francisco is saturated with Victorian buildings, yet few are quite as glorious as the Queen Anne Hotel. This historic building has graced the Pacific Heights area since 1890 and was, fortunately, able to survive the destruction caused by the 1906 Earthquake, which devasted San Francisco. The original purpose of this building was actually not to house hotel guests. This spectacular place was originally an elite boarding school for girls within the city of San […]

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Haunted, Abandoned Military Hospital on Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island, Philippines

Corregidor Island exists just off the coast of Manila in the Philippines. It is a place of great historical significance, mostly related to WWII. The island was a strategic port that allowed those who held it to rule over Manila and thus the entire country. For that reason, it was a highly sought after base during the war and was seized by both the US and Japanese militaries at varying times. Many battles were fought […]

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The Haunting of Anstey Hill, South Australia

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Anstey Hill Recreation Park is a populated hiking trail by day, but by night the area takes on a whole new feeling. A dark atmosphere hangs over the old Newman’s Nursery, a now ruined set of buildings previously housing exotic plants dating back to 1854. Though the Nursery is nothing more today than a series of crumbling stone ruins, it was once an elaborate business comprised of the largest nursery in the Southern Hemisphere. A […]

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Ghosts of the Colosseum: Most Haunted Place in Rome

Rome, Italy

The Roman Colosseum is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. Its imposing facade has stood proudly for thousands of years. Despite the Colosseum’s weathered and worn appearance the stones the building is fashioned from hold the true heart and many truths of Rome’s ancient past. The origins of the Colosseum date back to 72AD when construction on the grand stadium begun. Over the next 8 years, construction would continue on the Colosseum […]

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