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The Tragic Legend of Corregidor Island’s Bloodstone Beach


Corregidor Island exists just off the coast of Manila in the Philippines. It was an important stronghold during WWII as it was paramount to hold in order to control the Philippines. For this reason, it was the scene of many bloody and epic battles. These were primarily between the US and the Japanese armed forces. Both of whom held the island at different points in time. These battles saw many bombs dropped upon the island […]

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5 Most Haunted Places in Peru


Peru is an intriguing and picturesque country, rich in culture and history. It is known for its mountainous terrain and for hosting ancient cultures whose legacies live on through the ruins they once lived amongst. With so many historic places of interest, it would come as no surprise to learn that Peru holds a number of ghosts. Here are the most haunted places in Peru. The name of the first location on this list leaves […]

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The Ghost of Hobart’s Theater Royal, Tasmania

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

The Theater Royal is an ornate Georgian style performance house dating back to 1837. It was built by the founder of the Cascade Brewery, Peter Degraves, who sought to construct a public theater and add life to Hobart’s docks. Due to the poor standing of the neighborhood which developed around the theater, it wasn’t always used to host fabulous performances, yet became a place where cockfights, boxing and even religious meetings were used to fill […]

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Alley of the Kiss Ghosts in Guanajuato, Mexico

Guanajuato, Mexico

Guanajuato is a charming, colorful city filled with winding alleys, cutting through crowded dwellings. There is a certain attractiveness to the city that makes it one of the most romantic destinations in Mexico. This seems fitting given the city’s most famous ghost story. Deep in the labyrinth of narrow alleyways that make up the heart of Guanajuato is a place that became the setting for a tragic love story, many have compared to Romeo and […]

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