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The Australian Hotel: Haunted Pub in Queensland

Queensland, Australia

You’d be hard-pressed to find a country pub with more charm than the Australian Hotel. This piece of local history has sat within the small community of Boonah since 1888. Its wooden deck, creaking stairs and quaint front bar are all cherished parts of character that have made the hotel feel like a second home to many. The welcoming nature of the Australian Hotel even seems to have extended past the living and coaxed many […]

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The Stanley Hotel: 5 Most Haunted Hotspots

Colorado, USA

The Stanley Hotel is commonly considered to be one of the most haunted places in the world. History has made the hotel synonymous with horror and ghosts. In turn, attracting countless thrill-seekers to the building who hope to have a hair raising paranormal experience, like so many others before them. Let’s delve into the most haunted hotspots within the Stanley Hotel to learn where you are most likely to encounter a ghost! Without a doubt, […]

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Most Haunted Places in South Australia

South Australia, Australia

South Australia is an enchanting place. Made of vast deserts, lush Riverland and an epic coastline, the state has a certain charm that not many can match. It is well known for its wine region, as the festival state and for holding the city of churches, Adelaide. While nothing described here screams ghosts, it seems that the rich history South Australia contains within its oldest buildings have made it one of the most haunted regions […]

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Cecil Hotel: Death, Serial Killers and Ghosts in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, USA

It would be difficult to find a hotel with more notoriety than the Cecil in Los Angeles or the entire United States for that matter. The Cecil Hotel solidified its status in pop culture in the darkest of ways. Opening in 1927 the building was designed to radiate opulence but was to soon fall into disarray, gaining a negative reputation. What was to truly gain the public’s attention of the Cecil Hotel was the number […]

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