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The Horrors of Ungarisches Haus and the Blood Countess

Vienna, Austria

Vienna’s Ungarisches Haus, which translates to Hungarian House, is a typical city dwelling that does little to draw attention to itself. The building has, however, forged quite a nasty, little reputation by association. It is said that the infamous Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory, once occupied this space. As you can imagine, dark deeds are said to have taken place within the belly of the building and thus resulted in a number of rumors that the […]

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Port Adelaide’s Scariest Ghost: Jenkins Street

South Australia, Australia

Port Adelaide is one of the most historic and haunted areas of South Australia. The Port dates back to the 1830s, with it being made up of swamplands and mangroves before this. The area was to quickly gain a reputation for being a tough place to live, where murder, disease and drunken individuals being shanghaied to work on ships was a way of life. Just a few reasons why Port Adelaide earned itself the nickname, […]

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The Taj Mahal: 5 Creepy, Dark Stories


Most people view the Taj Mahal as an epic symbol of true love, though there are a number of grim and mysterious tales about the magnificent landmark that may make you view the Taj Mahal in a darker light. The Taj Mahal dates back to 1632, lies in the Indian city of Agra and is today recognized as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. It was commissioned to be built by the […]

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Slaughter Falls: Queensland’s Haunted Hiking Trail

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Slaughter Falls is a hiking trail that lies within Queensland’s Mount Coot-tha Forest. It is an area known for its dark past, which might be expected given its name, however, Slaughter Falls was named after the important town clerk, JC Slaughter. Nevertheless, the area has earned its dark reputation having previously been a place of murder, suicide and of course ghosts. Many peculiar and terrifying events have transpired at Slaughter Falls and it is curious […]

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