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Haunting secrets of the George Jarvis School

United Kingdom

Located in the idyllic and picturesque countryside of Herefordshire U.K, George Jarvis School stands as a haunting reminder of a bygone era. This Gothic grade II listed building has a rich and intriguing history that dates back to the 1850s. Against the wishes of its benefactor, the late George Jarvis, the school was funded and constructed using his fortunes. It soon became a beacon of hope for children from less fortunate families. However, the story […]

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Do the spirits of Ashwell Prison refuse to rest?


In the heart of darkness where the remnants of a World War II U.S. Army base once stood, lies a place that has become synonymous with fear and despair. Ashwell Prison is cloaked in the shadows of its haunting past, beckoning the brave to uncover its chilling secrets. Originally erected in 1955 as a category D facility for adult male prisoners this grim institution later transformed into a secure category C prison capable of holding […]

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The Conjuring House – A Mysterious Farmhouse

Rhode Island, USA

Welcome to the eerie world of the Conjuring House, where shadows and nightmares become reality. In 2013, a truly chilling horror film, “The Conjuring,” brought to light the terrifying tales surrounding this once humble farmhouse that has become infamous in the annals of paranormal lore. The Conjuring House, nearly three centuries old, was built in 1736 and is nestled in the small Rhode Island town of Harrisville. Since it’s construction it has become a breeding […]

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Does the Grey Lady haunt the Dark Hedges?


Welcome to the mystical realm of the Dark Hedges, an enchanting avenue of ancient beech trees that whisper tales from centuries past. Located in the heart of County Antrim, Northern Ireland, on the scenic Bregagh road, these hauntingly beautiful trees are a testament to the history and allure of the land. Their roots trace back to the 18th century when the Stuart family, the original land-owners planted over 150 of these towering beauties to impress […]

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