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Farina: South Australian Ghost Town

South Australia, Australia

Sitting in the vast, forgotten land of outback South Australia are traces left behind from a struggling community. Farina is a former farming and mining community turned ghost town, complete with a cemetery that details how harsh life in town must have been. The town of Farina dates back to 1878 when it was founded by farmers. The land was believed to be fertile since heavy rains had just passed through the region. This was […]

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Laperal White House: Baguio’s Haunted House

Baguio, Philippines

Ask anyone local to Baguio city about ghosts and one notorious house will creep into the conversation. Known locally as the Laperal White House, this place has gained a reputation for striking fear into the hearts of many. Its existence came about during the 1920s when a well-to-do family decided to build a summer getaway house. The Laperal’s set their sights on Baguio, being the Philippine’s premium Summer getaway, and constructed a majestic pure white […]

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Haunted and Abandoned School: Danau Perdana

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is a pristine city tainted by a dangerous eyesore that was once a place of learning. The former Danua Perdana School is today closed off, surrounded by a protective fence displaying warnings to those who dare enter. The structural integrity of this abandoned former school is questionable, yet it is the ghostly legends that surround the building which really strike fear into the hearts of many. The SK Danau Perdana was closed down […]

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