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Charleville Castle – Harriet’s ghostly presence


Charleville Castle is nestled in the picturesque county Offaly, within the charming Irish village of Tullamore. This enchanting castle stands atop an ancient druid burial ground, bearing witness to centuries of tumultuous battles between Ireland and England, as well as ancient druid rituals performed on its sacred grounds. Sketches of Charleville Castle emerged in 1798, with construction commencing in 1800 and culminating in its completion in 1812, a magnificent testament to the vision of The […]

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The Shanley Hotel – 150 years of Hauntings and Tragedies

New York, United States

Welcome to the mysterious Shanley Hotel, located in the small town of Napanoch, New York. This three-storey hotel is steeped in history and rich in haunting tales of restless souls from the past. Standing for over 150 years, this old hotel holds dark secrets that will send goosebumps across the skin of anyone who visits. Originally built in 1815 by Thomas Ritch, it passed through several landowners and was known by many names before burning […]

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The haunted and ominous Wentworth Gaol

New South Wales, Australia

Wentworth Gaol is a haunting structure located on Beverley Street in Wentworth, NSW. Built between 1879-1881, this prison holds the distinction of being the oldest Australian designed Gaol. Both the Gaol and the town share their name with the influential figure, William Charles Wentworth. It’s architect, James Barnett had a visionary design with the Gaol standing as a testament to the past. Before its establishment, Mayor Lockyer used a dead gum tree with a bullock […]

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Haunting secrets of the George Jarvis School

United Kingdom

Located in the idyllic and picturesque countryside of Herefordshire U.K, George Jarvis School stands as a haunting reminder of a bygone era. This Gothic grade II listed building has a rich and intriguing history that dates back to the 1850s. Against the wishes of its benefactor, the late George Jarvis, the school was funded and constructed using his fortunes. It soon became a beacon of hope for children from less fortunate families. However, the story […]

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