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10 Most Haunted Dungeons and Torture Chambers

Throughout history, mankind has proven it has the capacity to commit great acts of cruelty. Dungeons and torture chambers are testament to this cruelty being places of great pain, suffering, despair and of course death. Given their uses and history, it makes sense that these dungeons and torture chambers would be haunted by those who perished within them in the past. This article will explore 10 of the most haunted dungeons and torture chambers in the […]

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Moonta Mines: Haunted South Australia

Moonta, South Australia, Australia

Moonta is a stunning seaside town along South Australia‘s pristine coastline. The town itself is a place of great history to the area, formerly booming during the 1800s due to rich mining opportunities. Copper was discovered in the Moonta area in 186, which triggered a boom period and numerous mines remaining open through to 1923. During this time, the town grew with many new residents drawn from all over, in particular Cornwall, to pursue mining […]

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Ghosts of the Burton Pioneer Cemetery, South Australia

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

The Burton Pioneer Cemetery is a rather unremarkable site at first glance. It does, however, contain a vast amount of history and many graves of the early pioneers to the area. Back in 1857, a Methodist chapel was built on the grounds. The first burial in what would become a small cemetery, occurred shortly after in 1866 when young George Diment was laid to rest after just one year of life. Further burials continued to […]

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10 Most Haunted Places Linked to Witches

Throughout history witches and witchcraft have fascinated humankind. They have, however, also induced fear, misunderstanding and been on the receiving end of some very dark events. In this article, we will explore 10 haunted places linked to actual, supposed, or accused witches and witchcraft. Our first location brings us to a lush forest just outside of Bucharest, Romania. Here, deep in the Baldu Forest lies a small, but mystical pond, appropriately named, the Witches’ Pond. […]

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