Eastern Station Hotel: Haunted Hotel in Ballarat, Australia

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Ballarat is a historic Australian town that was once consumed by a gold rush. It is a place many people from different walks of life have visited. For this reason, one of the oldest hotels in town has seen many people pass through its doors. The Eastern Station Hotel was established in 1862 and has had a long and impactful history. Some of this history has dark elements and there are rumored to be more […]

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Ghosts of the Old Melbourne Gaol: Haunted Australia

Melbourne, New South Wales, Australia

The Old Melbourne Gaol is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, marking the darker side of the city’s history. It has stood in the heart of Melbourne since 1839 and has seen many hardened criminals pass through its doors, though not all departed the jail alive. Being the only jail in the Melbourne area, this jail was used to house an array of prisoners. These criminals ranged in age, gender, offense and innocence. Men, […]

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Farina: South Australian Ghost Town

South Australia, Australia

Sitting in the vast, forgotten land of outback South Australia are traces left behind from a struggling community. Farina is a former farming and mining community turned ghost town, complete with a cemetery that details how harsh life in town must have been. The town of Farina dates back to 1878 when it was founded by farmers. The land was believed to be fertile since heavy rains had just passed through the region. This was […]

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Sydney’s Haunted Quarantine Station: Ghosts of Q Station

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

To this day one of the best views along Sydney’s coastline resides at its old Quarantine Station, today known simply as Q Station. This view was quite literally one that many people died for. The harsh history engrained in the many buildings that encompass Q Station have allowed it to gain infamy and earn the title of being the most haunted place in Sydney. The Q Station is situated on the North Head of Sydney […]

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Notorious Cemetery Within Australia’s Most Haunted Town

Kapunda, South Australia, Australia

The small, former mining community of Kapunda is commonly referred to as the most haunted town in Australia. It holds what is likely to be South Australia’s best known cemetery, which happens to be surrounded by some extremely sinister rhetoric. This cemetery was once overlooked by St. Johns Church and a Presbytery, built in 1854. The Presbytery became a school in 1869 and later a reformatory for young girls, who had committed minor criminal offenses, before […]

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Ghosts of the Adelaide Arcade

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Adelaide Arcade is Australia’s oldest shopping arcade, being built in 1885. It originally held 50 stores and today is home to more than 100. Residing in Rundle Mall right in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD, the arcade is part of the city’s premier shopping destination. Adelaide Arcade is a beautiful, inviting building greeting shoppers with a coat of arms but concealing a dark and devastating past. The arcade has seen an abnormal amount of death […]

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