Haunted School Ruin In Penang, Malaysia: Shih Chung Branch School

Penang, Malaysia

The Shih Chung Branch School remains frozen in time. Shadowed by the busy, sky-high metropolis of Penang, which has now engulfed the small, ruined shell of a school. Gated off and overgrown with plants and trees, the crumbling walls and faded paint exhume a bizarre atmosphere. Many locals consider the school to be an eye-sore and omen to the terror that once consumed Malaysia during times of war. Capturing a glimpse of this abandoned school […]

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Most Haunted Mansion in Malaysia: Bukit Tunku

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tucked away secretively in the deep jungles of Kuala Lumpur’s most prestigious neighborhood, is a dark and mysterious ruin. Widely spoken of as one of the most haunted places in Malaysia, this ghostly beauty remains a hidden secret. It is evidently rarely visited due to its advanced state of decay and the animal carcasses within that had decomposed down to nothing more than bone. This notorious abandoned mansion in Bukit Tunku is a creepy sight […]

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