Ghosts of the Prince of Wales Inn: Most Haunted Pub in Wales


A historic pub that at first glance, doesn’t look out of the ordinary, rests peacefully in the countryside of Wales. Known as the Prince of Wales Inn, locals will tell you that there is a lot more to this building than first meets the eye. The long history surrounding the pub has given rise to a number of ghost stories and many people consider this to be one of the most haunted places in Wales. […]

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Haunted Denbigh Castle, Wales: Dragons, Ghosts and Mystery

Denbigh, North Wales, Wales

Denbigh Castle is a historic place in the North of Wales, steeped in legend and thought to be extremely haunted. Denbigh Castle and its fortified town walls were built in 1282 following the conquest of Wales by King Edward I. Today the crumbling stone structure still exists and modern properties line the perimeter of its town wall. Denbigh Castle is the scene of many ghost stories that continue to be told, prevailing to this day. […]

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Ghosts of The Skirrid Inn, Wales

Abergavenny, South Wales, Wales

Wales’ oldest inn rests in a peaceful little country town, surrounded by green pastures and framed by the looming Skirrid Mountain. At first glance the inn looks quaint and proper. Patrons fill the indoor and outdoor seating areas, enjoying their lunch and having a few drinks. The Skirrid Inn has a much darker side that becomes apparent after looking closely inside the pub. The staircase leading up to the upper floors and the inn’s rooms […]

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Margam Castle: Most Haunted House in Wales

Port Talbot, South Wales, Wales

Margam Park is a sprawling, pristine estate filled with spectacular gardens and many family friendly points of interest. Free entry to the park adds to its popularity, enticing locals and tourists alike to visit. What most do not realize as they explore and picnic within the grounds, is that Margam Park holds a long and sordid history. In particular, Margam Castle, which is commonly thought to be the most haunted house in Wales. Though not […]

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Candleston Castle: Haunted Ruins in South Wales

South Wales, Wales

Candleston Castle lies in ruins, having been engulfed by the thick vegetation, which now wildly surrounds and covers the remaining structure. It was constructed sometime in the mid 1300s and has a history shrouded by legend and mystery. Candleston Castle was actually a fortified manor and is thought to have been named after the Cantilipe family who may have been the first to occupy the building, though records dating that far back are scarce. This […]

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