Haunting of Spike Island: Ghosts of Cork, Ireland

Cork, Ireland

Spike Island has been compered to Alcatraz for its use as a prison and dark history, but in reality, Spike Island may be far more haunted. The island sits just off the coast fo Cork, Ireland and stands at a mammoth size, spanning 103 acres. It originally started its life as a monastic settlement, but today the land is dominated by the massive Fort Mitchel, built in the 1770s. During times of war, this impressive […]

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The Haunted Glenmalure Hostel and Valley, Ireland

Glenmalure, Ireland

Glenmalure Hostel rests in a peaceful Irish valley and remains cut off from the modern world. The house was built in 1904 and to this day remains without electricity and running water. It is a nice retreat from a busy, modern life. Resting directly next to a flowing stream and having plenty of amazing hikes in its vicinity. Glenmalure, however, has a dark past and some claim the area and hostel is haunted. The valley itself […]

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Leap Castle Ghosts and Haunted History


The peaceful, little town of Coolderry rests in the Irish countryside in the county of Offaly. Perhaps its largest structure is a half-ruined castle with a dark and bloody history that has earned it a reputation of being one of the most haunted castles in the world. Today Leap Castle is open as a tourist attraction but has some spine-chilling stories that add to its appeal amongst the paranormal community. The castle is believed to […]

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Haunted Dublin Hellfire Club History

Dublin, Ireland

Overlooking Dublin and its surroundings, upon the crest of Montpelier Hill, sits an ominous ruin. This structure commonly referred to as the Dublin Hellfire Club, has a dark history and many spooky and mysterious stories to tell. Its beginnings were in the early 1700s as a hunting lodge, being built by an extremely wealthy Irish man. He had determined the tip of Montpelier Hill the perfect spot for his new lodge. Proceeding to build directly over […]

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