Haunted, Abandoned Mansion in Pune, India

Pune, India

Perched high upon a dry hill dotted with gnarled, skeletal looking trees sits a ruin that has become rather infamous amongst those who live in Pune, India. Here, on Taljai Hill, is a long abandoned mansion that has slowly been engulfed by rumors that it is haunted. Today the future of this infamous ruined mansion remains unclear. The land exists upon is slowly being surrounded by new urban development including new homes and a brand […]

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Notre Dame: Fire, Ghosts and the Devil

Paris, France

As wild flames engulf one of the most sacred places in France, onlookers desperately pray that the history and artifacts contained within the Notre Dame Cathedral may be spared. Being one of the quintessential icons of Paris, the Notre Dame Cathedral and its glory will likely be rebuilt after this devastating fire. But what may be lost from this tragedy remains to be seen. Dark stories and legends suggesting the Cathedral may be haunted have […]

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Haunted Fort Santiago: Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines

In one of the most historic parts of Manila, known as Intramuros, lies a darkly disturbing omen to the past. Fort Santiago continues to stand proudly in perfect condition within this area, visited by many people daily. The fort is designed in a Spanish vein. Intended to create protective walls, tasked with sheltering Intramuros from harm. During its lifetime, which dates back to the late 1500s, Santiago Fort has had many different purposes. One of […]

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Teochew Chinese Cemetery: Where the Living Mix With the Dead

Bangkok, Thailand

Off the beaten path in Bangkok’s suburbs, sits a tranquil park, tucked away from busy city life. Though this park is full of life, sports recreation and entertainment facilities, it is also full of death. Surprisingly this park was once one of the most feared places in Thailand and believed to be a very haunted cemetery. That is until the city decided to appease restless spirits by giving the cemetery a face-life, transitioning the drab, overgrown tombstones […]

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Japanese Tunnel: Haunted Places in Baguio, Philippines

Baguio, Philippines

A hidden network of secret tunnels spans underneath Baguio, the Philippines Summer capital. Part of this network (known as the Japanese Tunnel) has recently become accessible. But only to those brave enough to venture into its darkness. It was in these dark depths, meters beneath the floor of Baguio, that many of the city’s most disturbing events played out. Baguio became a popular destination for many after the Philippines was declared as American territory. This […]

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6 Places Haunted by Animals

There are many places around the world that are claimed to have a resident ghost. Mostly, these ghosts are described as deceased humans. But every so often ghosts are described in the form of animals. This begs the question, do our furry friends have an afterlife? Could their souls become restless and lost after passing? Can a place be haunted by an animal? Below are 6 places from around the world you may just find […]

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