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Red Door Yellow Door: Paranormal Game of the Mind

Red Door Yellow Door is a psychological game that borders on having dangerous paranormal results. Also known as Door of the Mind, this game has been around for many years yet recently resurfaced in popularity thanks to viral Tik Tok videos. These videos displayed some players of the game experiencing scary scenarios. The game Red Door Yellow Door is extremely easy to play and can be done so with a group of people, making it […]

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Ghosts of Ye Olde Starre Inne: Haunted Pub in York, England

York, England

The Ye Olde Starre Inne is one of the most prominent drinking establishments in York, England. The bustling pub is also one of the oldest in town, being established back in 1644 and containing some areas, such as its cellar, which date back even further. This cellar boasts almost as much history, if not more, than the pub built above it. It dates back to the 10th century and was even used as a military […]

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Peabody-Whitehead Mansion: Denver’s Most Haunted House

Denver, Colorado, USA

In a sleepy suburb of Denver, Colorado exists a derelict house with a sinister reputation. On a picturesque, quiet street sits this spooky house, shielded by a wire fence and bordered up windows. Built-in 1889, this former mansion was to be the home of William Riddick Whitehead, a man best known for being a surgeon who treated patients during the Crimean War. Following Whitehead’s death within the house in 1902, Governor James Peabody took up […]

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Ghosts of Port Arthur: Most Haunted Place in Australia

Tasmania, Australia

Port Arthur is one of the most important historic sites within Tasmania and the whole of Australia. Although it was a place that provided fundamental building blocks for modern-day Tasmania, it also incurred a dark history in the making. Many believe the site’s dark past to have resulted in an array of hauntings and ghosts. Towards the end of the 1700s, Britain was unable to continue sending its convicts to the Americas and Australia became […]

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Mexico’s Haunted Black Palace: Palacio De Lecumberri

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico’s National Archive is today held in a building that has such a fierce reputation, the locals refer to it as the Black Palace. The Palacio De Lecumberri continues to stand tall in its foreboding glory as a notoriously recognizable landmark and now an important government building. This location earned its reputation long before it held important pieces of Mexico‘s history, having formerly functioned as one of the most formidable prisons in the country. 1900 […]

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Ghosts of Nudgee Cemetery in Queensland, Australia

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

On the outskirts of Brisbane lies the sprawling Nudgee Cemetery, which dates back to 1867. Modern graves meet aging tombstones, each representing people from Queensland’s past and each having a story to tell. This cemetery was the first of its kind in Brisbane, being the original Catholic burial ground and growing to be the largest in the area. The cemetery continues to hold many people who were noteworthy and important in the Queensland region, yet […]

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Hide and Seek Alone: Possessed Doll Paranormal Game

Many consider Hide and Seek Alone to be one of the most dangerous paranormal games in existence. It’s origins lie in Japan and after the game’s instructions were translated into English, it boomed across all corners of the internet with many experimenting by playing the game for themselves. The purpose of this game is to summon a spirit into a doll, in turn possessing the doll. This is claimed to be dangerous as the spirit […]

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Feroz Shah Kotla: A Temple of Djinns in Delhi, India

Delhi, India

The Feroz Shah Kotla is located in the heart of Delhi, India. Despite dating back to the 1300s this site is quite well preserved and still a popular place to visit. The Kotla was an important fortress in its heyday, containing several buildings of historical and religious significance. The ruins left behind from this epic citadel now have importance to the locals who believe that entities, known as Djinns, dwell there. These beings are better […]

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