The Devil Made Me Do It: True Story Behind the Conjuring 3

The Devil Made Me Do It was the first case ever to pass through a court of law in the United States where demonic possession was set to be used as a defense. It sparked intrigue throughout the community in the early 1980’s, which has carried forward into present times, with a new feature film about the murder and resulting court case set to release soon. The latest installment in the Conjuring universe will explore […]

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The Mystery and Death of the Somerton Man

South Australia, Australia

At 6.30 am on December 1st, 1948 the body of a man was discovered on Somerton Park Beach, South Australia. To this day the man remains unidentified, with his case commonly referred to as that of the Somerton Man or the Tamam Shud case. The peculiar circumstances surrounding this death thrust the case into the spotlight, intriguing many and gaining worldwide attention. After the discovery of the man’s body, police were notified and arrived at […]

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Jack the Ripper’s Ghost: Haunting of Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jack the Ripper is one of the first documented serial killers our modern world can remember. They were responsible for murdering a number of women in gruesome ways within Whitechapel, London in the late 1880s. The Ripper remains unidentified to this day, though many have speculated who the mystery killer may be. One Jack the Ripper theory suggests that Frederick Bailey Deeming may have been this infamous killer. Deeming was born in England and lived a […]

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Cachtice Castle: Ghost of Elizabeth Bathory

Cachtice, Slovakia

Deep in a remote region of Slovakia hides a ruined castle with a particularly bloody past. Čachtice Castle stands upon the steep side of a mountain top, overlooking quint villages below. It has been ruined for some time. Remaining as a crumbling stone edifice linked to dark history and a supposed murderous torturer, Elizabeth Bathory. Čachtice Castle was built in the 13th century and received alterations to its appearance throughout the following centuries. It passed through the ownership […]

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Inside The Lizzie Borden Murder House

Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

On the morning of August 4, 1892 a house in the sleepy town of Falls River, Massachusetts became a heinous crime scene, capturing the public’s intrigue. Two of the home’s occupants were brutally murdered, each being hacked several times in the head with a murder weapon suspected to be a hatchet. This event thrust the victim’s daughter, Lizzie Borden, into murder suspect infamy. Abby Borden, Lizzie’s step mother, was the first to be murdered within the […]

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