Hoia Baciu Forest: World’s Most Haunted Forest

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

A short distance from the modern Romanian city of Cluj Napoca exists what many believe to be the world’s most haunted forest. Known as Hoia Baciu, this dense forest is surrounded by legends and conceals many secrets. Tales of ghosts, UFO’s, inter-dimensional portals and other unnatural phenomena have made Hoia Baciu Forest one of the most infamous places in Romania. The first scary legend of Hoia Baciu is the one which gave the forest its […]

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Pendle Hill Witches, Ghosts & the Lancashire Witch Trials


Pendle Hill sits proudly in Lancashire, England. Surrounded by green fields and often laced in a silk-like fog. The hill is not only beautiful but has a long history, which is equally interesting and haunting. Perhaps the most famed connection to Pendle Hill is that of the Pendle Witches. This story of real witches occurred during the early 1600s. Around this time rumors swirled about a family who lived on Pendle Hill. Stories of Devil […]

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