Pendle Hill Witches, Ghosts & the Lancashire Witch Trials

Pendle Hill Witches, Ghosts & the Lancashire Witch Trials

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill sits proudly in Lancashire, England. Surrounded by green fields and often laced in a silk-like fog. The hill is not only beautiful but has a long history, which is equally interesting and haunting.

Witches of Pendle Hill.
A witch sitting outside a souvenir shop in Pendle, paying homage to the Pendle Witches.

Perhaps the most famed connection to Pendle Hill is that of the Pendle Witches. This story of real witches occurred during the early 1600s. Around this time rumors swirled about a family who lived on Pendle Hill. Stories of Devil worship and dark rituals that they supposedly conducted were amongst these rumors. Soon, some unexplainable, mysterious occurrences hit the small, religious community paired with numerous local deaths from illness.

Top of Pendle Hill, looking for ghosts and witches.
View from the top of England’s haunted Pendle Hill.

This started a chain reaction that ended in accusations of witchcraft and one of England’s most notorious witch trials. During the trials, 12 people were accused of 10 murders. Of these 12 accused witches, 10 were executed by hanging, one is said to have died in jail and one other was found innocent.

Forrest near Pendle Hill, United Kingdom.
Forrest surrounding the base of Pendle Hill, Lancashire.

Due to the harsh history linked with Pendle Hill and the surrounding area, it became an attractive location for dark rituals. These rituals are rumored to be conducted frequently and sometimes involve Satanic worship. What adds more to the interest and spook factor of Pendle Hill is a discovery of a Bronze Age burial site located at the top of the hill. These factors combined have created an annual gathering of thrill seekers who visit Pendle Hill on Halloween night.

Sheep on Pendle Hill.
A sheep grazing above the green fields that surround the hill.

Haunted Pendle Hill

There have been many claims of unexplained phenomena occurring at Pendle Hill. Most of these paranormal claims stem from Pendle Hill’s connection to the Pendle Witches. Many believe that the people executed during the Lancashire Witch Trails have returned to their meeting spot at Pendle Hill in death. Many people claim to have come into contact with the Pendle Witches’ ghosts.

Monument on Pendle Hill.
Monument at the very top of the hill.

Though the ghosts of witches at Pendle Hill are certainly the most famed, there are thought to be other spirits roaming the hill. Spirits of children and adults, not related to the trials, but who had died in the area have also been supposedly sighted at Pendle Hill. Light anomalies, apparitions, and disembodied voices have all been reported to occur at Pendle Hill. There have even been several reports of UFO sightings over the top of the hill!

Fog on top of Pendle Hill.
The dense fog that gives Pendle Hill a spooky atmosphere.

Visiting Haunted Pendle Hill

This very spooky hill is easily accessible by car. It is free to visit but requires quite a hike to reach the summit, being just short of mountain status. It is popular with paranormal enthusiasts and hikers.

Pendle Hill, haunted places in the UK.
Admiring the view from one of England’s most haunted locations.

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Do the ghosts of the Pendle Witches haunt Pendle Hill?
Looking for the Pendle Witches and their ghosts.

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