Hauntings of the Birdcage Theatre – Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone, Arizona, USA

Tombstone, Arizona was once a thriving boom town thanks to the discovery of untapped silver mines in the late 1800s. However, this newfound wealth also brought lawlessness and violence to the area, turning it into a place where gunfights, gambling and prostitution were commonplace. One of the most notorious places in Tombstone was the Birdcage Theatre – a saloon that became known as the wildest night spot in the Old West. The Birdcage Theatre was […]

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Arizona’s Haunted Gila County Jail, Globe

Globe, Arizona, USA

Diving into the history of the Gila County Jail, located in the heart of Globe, Arizona, allows one to uncover many eerie and supernatural stories. The town was founded in 1876 after the discovery of copper, making it a popular destination for fortune seekers. Unfortunately, the town was also notorious for robberies, outlaws, murders, and raids, ultimately making it a dangerous place to live. As a result of rapid growth, a combined courthouse and jail […]

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The Haunted Goldfield Ghost Town and ‘The Devils Playground’

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Goldfield Ghost Town brings the Wild West (and some of its dead) back to life, making this one of Arizona’s most haunted locations. The town was originally founded back in 1893 after being inundated by miners hoping to get a taste of the gold struck in the nearby mountains. The town grew rapidly gaining 1,500 residents during its first year. The space was quick to erect buildings and businesses including stores, a blacksmith, butcher, brewery […]

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