Corvin Castle: Dracula, Ghosts and Legends in Romania

Hunedoara, Romania

Corvin Castle, also called Hunyadi Castle, is one of Europe’s true fairytale locations. Residing upon a hill in Hunedoara, Romania the 15th-century castle is only accessible by a long drawbridge. Its stunning exterior and well-preserved interior make it one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country. However, its dark past lends much weight to its ghostly legends. Corvin Castle is a strategically designed stronghold, yet its beauty far surpasses its practicality. It has […]

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Horror Movie Filming Locations in LA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Below I have compiled a list of Horror Movie Filming Locations you can actually visit in LA. Please be mindful that some of these places are private property – please respect the privacy of their owners and tenants. Nancy’s House Glen’s House John Marshall High School Freddy’s Boiler Room (Inside the Lincoln Heights Jail) Venice Canals (Nancy and Glenn talking about dreams) Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital (Royce Hall, UCLA campus) Frat House The Witch’s House/Spadena […]

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Carta Monastery: Haunted Abbey in Transylvania, Romania

Carta, Romania

Worn by time and now peacefully crumbling in the tranquility of the Transylvania countryside rests the ruins of the Abbey of Carta. This Monastery formed sometime in the early 1200s is actually the oldest gothic, fortified church within Eastern Europe. It is a breathtaking structure and although it is in an advanced state of decay it remains majestic. Though most make the pilgrimage to the Carta Monastery to take in its beauty, a darker, lesser […]

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Ghosts of The Stanley Hotel and a Night In Room 217

Estes Park, Colorado, USA

Freelan Oscar Stanley built and opened the Stanley Hotel in 1909. It’s bold architecture is striking against the stunning and scenic backdrop of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. However, it’s location was strategically chosen to assist Mr. Stanley with a bout of tuberculosis. Fresh air was the main and only form of treatment for the disease at the time. For over 100 years the Stanley Hotel has catered to upperclass vacationers, but today it is mostly known […]

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Paranormal Activity and Horror Movie Inspiration at Yosemite Hotel

Yosemite, California, USA

Millions of nature lovers looking to experience the wild beauty of Northern California make their way to Yosemite Valley each year. Many of these visitors opt to spend their stay at a campsite. Other unsuspecting visitors looking for a more luxurious stay, may unknowingly check into one of the Valley’s paranormal activity hot spots. The Ahwahnee hotel, now known as the Majestic Hotel, sits a short distance from Yosemite’s famous Half Dome. It was originally […]

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