Horror Movie Filming Locations in LA

Below I have compiled a list of Horror Movie Filming Locations you can actually visit in LA. Please be mindful that some of these places are private property – please respect the privacy of their owners and tenants.

Nightmare on Elm Street

Nancy’s House

Glen’s House

John Marshall High School

Freddy’s Boiler Room (Inside the Lincoln Heights Jail)

Venice Canals (Nancy and Glenn talking about dreams)

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital (Royce Hall, UCLA campus)

Night of the Creeps

Frat House

The Undead

The Witch’s House/Spadena House


Myers House – since been moved from its original location but still intact.

Laurie Strode’s House (pumpkin Lady with display)

The Hedge

Other places of interest

American Horror Story Murder House

The Charmed House

The Michael Jackson Thriller House

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