The Old Adelaide Gaol is Haunted by Former Staff and Inmates

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

The Old Adelaide Gaol was South Australia’s first proper correctional facility. It was operational from 1841 to 1988 and during these 147 years saw over 300, 000 male and female prisoners pass through its gates. While many entered the facility not all were able to leave. Being one of the oldest buildings in the state, the Old Adelaide Gaol houses much history, some of which is of a dark nature. Majority of South Australia’s executions […]

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Is The North Kapunda Hotel Australia’s Most Haunted Pub?

Kapunda, South Australia, Australia

Kapunda is an unsuspecting and quiet country town in rural South Australia. Once known for mining copper but today notorious for being dubbed Australia’s most haunted town. Just like most other small Aussie communities, Kapunda’s main road is adorned with a local pub. The North Kapunda Hotel sets itself aside from others and helps Kapunda live up to its haunted reputation. It has been listed as one of Australia’s and even one of the world’s […]

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