The Haunted Glenmalure Hostel and Valley, Ireland

The Haunted Glenmalure Hostel and Valley, Ireland

Glenmalure Hostel and Valley

Glenmalure Hostel rests in a peaceful Irish valley and remains cut off from the modern world. The house was built in 1904 and to this day remains without electricity and running water. It is a nice retreat from a busy, modern life. Resting directly next to a flowing stream and having plenty of amazing hikes in its vicinity. Glenmalure, however, has a dark past and some claim the area and hostel is haunted.

Haunted Glenmalure Hostel, Ireland.
The quaint Glenmalure Hostel sitting in the Glenmalure Valley, Ireland. Disconnected from the modern world and supposedly haunted.

The valley itself has been a place of great battles, which resulted in vast amounts of death. One of them being the Battle of Glenmalure. This was fought between the British and the Irish during the 1500s and resulted in some 800 deaths. The hostel itself also has its place in history, having existed for over 100 years. It allegedly was used as a hideout for some during a battle.

Stream running through the Glenmalure Valley, Ireland.
Small but strong stream that runs directly next to the hostel.

Knowing some of this history makes one wonder what kind of energy could be trapped within Glenmalure, Ireland. Who is haunting Glenmalure Hostel and its surrounding valley?

Inside Glenmalure Hostel's downstairs area.
Inside the haunted Glenmalure Hostel. Light supplied by candles as the building has no electricity or running water.

Haunted Glenmalure Hostel and Valley

With such a long history it may come as no surprise that the Glenmalure Hostel contains a resident ghost. Staff have given this particular ghost the appropriate nickname of ‘Scary Mary’. This female ghost has allegedly taken a liking to female wardens. Many wardens have reported feeling the sensation of being touched by an unseen force. Many other reports of items moving around the warden’s quarters (where the ghost is thought to dwell) exist. Mostly items such as makeup, cosmetics, and underwear go missing, before turning up in a strange place.

Glenmalure Valley and waterfall.
The beautiful Glenmalure Valley said to be haunted. A waterfall can be spotted in the distance.

Visitors to the Glenmalure Hostel shouldn’t be too concerned about the resident ghost. Since all reported paranormal activity centers inside the warden’s quarters. They should be cautious about taking a hike in the surrounding valley though.

Haunted hiking trail in Ireland.
One of the haunted trails in the Valley.

Many believe that the surrounding valley and its beautiful hiking trails are haunted. One commonly told story involves hikers who were staying at the Glenmalure Hostel. They supposedly were out extremely late on a hike after dark. As they were returning back to the hostel for the night they heard a large group of people approaching them from behind. Fearful of encountering such a large group in the secluded valley after dark, they hid. Soon they saw a troop of soldiers walk past them at pace, before disappearing into the darkness. After returning to the Glenmalure Hostel and sharing their story with the staff it became apparent that they may have seen apparitions of soldiers, who died in the battles of Glenmalure.

Glenmalure Hostel, Ireland.
The Glenmalure Hostel overshadowed by trees.

There have been numerous other reports of hikers spotting apparitions in the Glenmalure Valley. Could the ghosts of deceased soldiers still be patrolling the area?

Ruins on Glenmalure trail.
Ruins along the hiking trails near Glenmalure Hostel.

Visiting Haunted Glenmalure Ireland

I highly recommend a visit to the Glenmalure Hostel. It is a truly unique travel experience and one that allows disconnection from the chaos of our modern world. I found the lack of running water and electricity to be no problem and the local pub is just a short drive away- if you need to regain connection. The hostel is run completely by volunteers and it is apparent that they care dearly for the site and allowing their guests to have an enjoyable stay.

Spooky, haunted view in Ireland.
Admiring one of the most beautiful and spooky views in Ireland.

If you are interested in exploring other haunted places in Ireland, I highly recommend Leap Castle.

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