Ghosts of the Haunted Greenwich Foot Tunnel, London

London, England

Deep beneath the earth of East London, passing directly under the River Thames is a purposeful, yet creepy underground walkway. The Greenwich Foot Tunnel connects Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs with an underground walking trail that spans 370 meters in length and is rumored to be one the most haunted places in London. Construction on the Greenwich Foot Tunnel commenced in 1899 and was completed in 1902. It was purposeful in replacing a less […]

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The Medieval Ghosts of England’s Warwick Castle

Warwickshire, England

Along a bend in the River Avon, sitting upon a green hill, overlooking the charming English countryside rests the medieval Warwick Castle. This dark, looming structure stands peacefully today and is welcoming and open to visitors. Delving into the castle’s past of attacks, murder, fire, siege, death sentences, torture and war reveal a far less inviting presence in British history. Since the early 900’s the earth Warwick Castle sits upon was used as a strong […]

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Paris Catacombs: The 6 Million Dead People Below Paris

Paris, France

Paris, France. The most romantic city in the world and a beautiful cloak to the death burrowed deep within its bowels. Just below the streets of Paris lies a dark, hidden tunnel system and ossuary displaying the remains of some 6 million dead Parisians. The Paris Catacombs. For a long time Paris has been a popular destination. The city grew so rapidly it struggled to deal with death and by the 17th century its cemeteries […]

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