Top Three Most Haunted Houses in San Francisco

San Francisco, California, USA

Let’s forget about the people who have left their hearts in San Francisco and look at those who have left their souls. Beneath San Francisco’s friendly culture and pastel Victorian lined streets lies a dark, haunted past. Three homes in San Francisco stand out for being notoriously haunted places. Here’s a look at those homes and the backstories that uphold their reputations. If ever there were a place in San Francisco that looked the part […]

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New Orleans Bar Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Haunted by Ghosts and Demon

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Along New Orlean’s vivid, loud and colorful Bourbon Street lies a rather unsuspecting establishment. Holding the title for being the oldest building to operate as a bar within the United States, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop certainly looks the part. Pieces of New Orlean’s past and some of it’s former residents souls are preserved in this historically listed 1700’s French Colonial building. Now one of the oldest surviving structures within the French Quarter, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop is […]

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Vancouver’s Most Famous Ghost, The Lady in Red

Vancouver, Canada

Against a dark and dreary Vancouver skyline nothing stands out more than the green rooftop of the Fairmont Hotel. Dating back to 1939 and formerly known as the Vancouver Hotel, the 17 story tall gargoyle lined, gothic chateau-style building is one to behold. While known for its architecture and beauty the hotel’s resident ghost, the Lady in Red, boasts a reputation and fame that far outweigh any other haunted tale in the city. Legends of […]

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Paranormal Activity and Horror Movie Inspiration at Yosemite Hotel

Yosemite, California, USA

Millions of nature lovers looking to experience the wild beauty of Northern California make their way to Yosemite Valley each year. Many of these visitors opt to spend their stay at a campsite. Other unsuspecting visitors looking for a more luxurious stay, may unknowingly check into one of the Valley’s paranormal activity hot spots. The Ahwahnee hotel, now known as the Majestic Hotel, sits a short distance from Yosemite’s famous Half Dome. It was originally […]

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All Aboard The Queen Mary Ghost Ship

Long Beach, California, USA

After enduring a long and dark past, the RMS Queen Mary has settled in her final resting place of Long Beach, California. Although the ship has found peace, there are still many restless souls trapped within her. Launched as a luxury cruise liner in 1934 the Queen Mary was host to wealthy socialites and dignitaries looking to journey across the high seas. This glamorous life was short lived for the ship, later being recruited to […]

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The Haunted History of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia

West Virginia, USA

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to tour around one of West Virginia’s most haunted buildings. Construction on the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum begun in 1858 and was completed in 1881. Originally designed to service just 250 patients, overcrowding took over and poor conditions flourished. The asylum peaked to house 2,400 patients in the 1950’s. Lobotomies, murder, rape, suicide and mistreatment taint the past of this beautiful gothic building. Many now believe the tortured souls […]

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