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The RMS Queen Mary

After enduring a long and dark past, the RMS Queen Mary has settled in her final resting place of Long Beach, California. Although the ship has found peace, there are still many restless souls trapped within her.

Launched as a luxury cruise liner in 1934 the Queen Mary was host to wealthy socialites and dignitaries looking to journey across the high seas. This glamorous life was short lived for the ship, later being recruited to assist in the Second World War. After being altered to become a troopship and donning a new grey paint job, the Queen Mary set sail once again, this time nick named the ‘Grey Ghost.’ The Queen Mary played a pivotal role in the war and transported up to 15,000 troops at a time. In the years following the war, the Queen Mary was restored to her former glory and set sail as a luxury ship once again.

As the Queen Mary aged and travel tastes changed the decision to retire the ship was made. In 1967 the Queen Mary found her final resting place along the shores of Long Beach, California. The Queen Mary now functions as a tourist attraction and working hotel. Her past and the many legends of ghosts that still call her home make visits to the ship of extreme interest to paranormal buffs such as myself. Below I give a glimpse into the hauntings I learnt about during my visit and share some ghostly evidence captured.

The Queen Mary serving in WWII under the nick name the 'Grey Ghost.'
The Queen Mary serving in WWII under the nick name the ‘Grey Ghost.’

Hauntings Aboard The Queen Mary Ghost Ship

With 49 recorded deaths aboard the Queen Mary and reportedly 150 ghosts aboard, this is one of the most haunted places in the world. Taking a ghost tour of the ship shows off some of the more famous and active paranormal locations, while sharing their back stories.

One room normally off limits to visitors is opened up for those attending these ghost tours. That room, B340, is notorious for being the most haunted room on board. Reports of its paranormal activity were so numerous it was stripped bare and has been left vacant until this day. The presence within this room is thought to be a gentleman named Walter, who passed away inside B340’s walls. He is believed to be the cause of the poltergeist activity ]and angered voices heard within the room. My tour guide joked to our group that anyone brave enough to enter the small dark bathroom, close the door and ask for Walter was welcome to do so. Obviously, I tried this and captured what sounds like a raspy EVP of a voice replying to me with a “yes” after asking ‘Walter, are you with me?”

Inside B340, the most haunted room on board the Queen Mary.

Another location that is typically off limits is the hull of the ship. During Queen Mary’s days transporting troops for the war, she was involved in a terrible accident. During a routine voyage the Queen Mary accidentally hit an allied ship, causing it to sink and taking the lives of 200 men. This area is believed to be a paranormal hot spot as it is in such close vicinity to the point of collision. In this part of the ship reports of screams, cries, orbs of lights and the sound of gushing water are thought to be victims of this accident reliving their final moments.

In the depths of the Queen Mary's haunted hull. The site of a collision that claimed the lives of 200 men.
In the depths of the Queen Mary’s haunted hull. The site of a collision that claimed the lives of 200 men.

One of the more anticipated spots along this tour for me was one of the former swimming pools. This area is said to be haunted by a young girl, know as Jackie, as well as the spirits of two other women. There aren’t any official cases of death recorded within the pool, yet it is thought that these women and Jackie drown here at some point in the ship’s life. Unfortunately, the pool was of limits for tour groups and staff at the time I visited. Children’s laughter, singing and full body apparitions have all been reported near the pool. Our guide showed us the area through the closed off entry way. I snapped a few photographs and didn’t notice anything at the time. Upon later reviewing of the pictures I found a dark figure in one them. Is this a ghost captured on camera or possibly just a staff member passing through the shot?

A dark figure passing through the Queen Mary's haunted pool room, closed off to staff and guests.
A dark figure passing through the Queen Mary’s haunted pool room, closed off to staff and guests.

Another famous haunting that didn’t make it onto the tour as an official stop, but received a notable mention is that of door #13 in the engine room. Paranormal nerds should add this location to their visit list. It can be located deep in the Queen’s cold, metallic lower levels and displays a 13 painted on to the door. The number 13 is lucky for some, but was definitely unlucky for former sailor John Pedder who was crushed to death here when this watertight door closed on his body. Today, he still patrols the area, wearing his blue overalls and apparently in search of his wrench.

Watertight door #13 in the Queen Mary's engine room. Haunted by the ghost of the young man it crushed to death.
Watertight door #13 in the Queen Mary’s engine room. Haunted by the ghost of the young man it crushed to death.

With so many ghosts on board the Queen Mary it is difficult to roll them into one short tour. For added paranormal insights be on the look our for the numerous ghost story plaques posted in areas of interest around the ship. You’ll discover stories such as the piano that plays itself or the elevator shaft screams.

Visit or Stay at the Haunted Queen Mary

A visit to this luxurious cruise ship that once sailed the high seas is not for the faint of heart. Her dark past and history of paranormal activity makes for an interesting stay.

For those brave souls looking to visit the Queen Mary either for a ghost tour or an overnight stay, click here for more information.

Looking down the hallways of hotel rooms inside the Queen Mary.
Looking down the hallways of hotel rooms inside the Queen Mary.

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