Randolph County Asylum – The Poor Farmhouse of Sorrow

Randolph County Asylum – The Poor Farmhouse of Sorrow


Located in Winchester, Indiana, The Randolph County Asylum, built in 1899, was originally established as the Randolph County Poorhouse. This property housed those deemed unable to work, including the mentally and physically disabled, single mothers, the elderly, and orphans. The residents of this grim institution, once tasked with maintaining the farm, faced challenges where age or physical ability often hindered their labour efforts. With a tumultuous past that saw a wooden building ravaged by fire in 1854 and a two-story brick structure demolished due to poor conditions, the current 50,000 square foot edifice emerged in 1899.

The timeworn entrance to the Randolph County Asylum, once believed to be a refuge for those in need, is now shrouded in tales of mystery and tragedy.

The asylum closed its doors in 2008-2009, leaving behind whispers of at least 50 unmarked graves and a haunting past of lives lost within its confines. With a potential death toll of around 200, countless tales emerged, from chilling accounts of tuberculosis outbreaks to the mysterious demise of a resident pushed from a window, not to mention rumours of hangings. There are accounts of residents enduring overmedication with unknown drugs, plunging them into a haze of confusion and hopelessness. The asylum’s history is steeped in sorrow, shrouded in mystery, and brimming with unanswered questions.


The Randolph County Asylum holds a chilling reputation for its ghostly inhabitants. Many visitors have been left trembling in fear by eerie incidents. Within the confines of the basement, a malevolent presence is said to lurk, reported as a non-human entity that lunges at unsuspecting individuals who dare to invade its territory.

In the depths of the Randolph County Asylum, there is said to be a dark and aggressive presence lurking, ready to lunge at intruders.

Stories speak of encounters with an otherworldly creature resembling a black baby octopus, moving with terrifying speed and inflicting physical harm by pinching and leaving victims with bloodied arms. Witness accounts describe a sense of dread as a big green door in the basement ominously shuts on its own, adding to the fear surrounding this area.

Countless tragic tales reverberate through the rooms of the Randolph County Asylum, each wall seeping with years of misery and despair.

Ida’s room is a haunting space steeped in tragedy, it bears the sorrowful tale of Ida Gunkle, a soul tormented by mental illness and forsaken in the asylum by her son. Locked in the barred room in the basement, Ida met a tragic end by her own hand. Visitors recount unsettling experiences of voices commanding them to leave, attributing them to Ida’s restless spirit seeking retribution for a life marred by neglect.

Ida’s haunting room, where her restless spirit is thought to linger, whispering chilling warnings, and seeking justice from beyond.

Tragically, the presence of the past lingers in the air on the second floor of the men’s section. It was here that John Champs, an 86-year-old resident, met his untimely demise in a horrifying manner. He was attacked by unknown assailants who callously threw him out of a window, sealing his fate. Visitors report feeling the grip of a hand around their neck or experiencing pain like being struck in the gut, serving as a haunting reminder of what transpired here.

The eerie sight of an abandoned wheelchair in the desolate attic, where sinister shadows hint at unseen malevolent forces.

Reports of a malevolent presence lingering in the attic often coincide with visitors describing an intense gaze bearing down on them. It’s no surprise that an air of foreboding surrounds the attic, with unsettling accounts of past abuse and dark deeds haunting this space. Visitors also recount sightings of shadow figures manifesting, with some experiencing the chilling sensation of a malevolent entity charging towards them, frightening them to their very core.


The Randolph County Asylum is brimming with stories and mysteries that create a truly haunting atmosphere. Whether it’s the scary events in the basement, the sad tales on the second floor, or the eerie feelings in the attic, this asylum is full of ghostly puzzles waiting to be solved. If you’re seeking an exciting adventure, consider visiting the Randolph County Asylum for a history tour, ghost tour, or overnight investigation. It’s an excellent opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a world of whispers and shadows.

Walking the halls of Randolph County Asylum evokes a profound sense of sorrow and despair for the residents who once wandered these haunting corridors.

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