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Bloody Mary: Origins and How to Play

Bloody Mary is one of the most prevalent and scary urban legends to circulate in Western culture. Being able to summon her into any mirror means that many have attempted to interact with Mary, some even claim to have been successful in doing so with terrifying results. Those who manage to summon Bloody Mary will be greeted with a nasty, blood-covered spirit that could potentially scream at them through the mirror or worse, attack them. […]

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Faust House: The Devil Visited Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Walking its streets places one inside a dreamlike landscape right out of a fairytale, yet the city also has a dark side. One of the most mysterious locations in Prague that have been touched by this darkness is a baroque palace known as Faust House. Many tales have circulated about this historic building, some of which involve the Devil himself. Since the beginning of the […]

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Khooni Darwaza: Haunted Gate of Blood in Delhi, India

Delhi, India

In a bustling area of Delhi, India sits a sinister piece of the city’s bloody history. The Khooni Darwaza remains perched in its original position, though it now exists in the middle of two busy freeways, built into the medium strip that separates them. The structure, which translates to Gate of Blood, has stood here since the 1500s and remains as one of just 13 other surviving gates in Delhi. The Khooni Darwaza was not […]

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5 Most Haunted Ghost Towns in the World

Ghost towns are a point of fascination for many. Having been well established at some point in time, only to meet a rapid demise into abandonment. Many of these ghost towns are in remote, inhospitable locations where harsh living conditions and lawlessness typically resulted in many deaths. These deaths are often thought to leave behind traces of the paranormal and many of these ghost towns are considered to be haunted. Here is where you can […]

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How to Play The Closet Game: Scary Paranormal Ritual

The Closet Game is a popular Paranormal Game that has circulated the internet for some time. Like many other rituals and games of this nature its origins are difficult to trace, yet it has gained popularity on platforms such as Reddit and Youtube. The main aim of the game is to summon a demon, or a similar type of evil entity, into a closet. It seems to play on our primal fear of the dark […]

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Most Haunted Places in Pune, India

Pune, India

Pune is a large and bustling city. So large, in fact, that it is the second biggest in Maharashtra after Mumbai. Pune is also well known for its great historical significance. It is a place of ruins, where stories of the past exist on every corner. All of this history means that Pune has seen its share of darker moments, which have resulted in plenty of ghost stories. Here is where you can find the […]

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Tasmania’s Haunted Parliament House

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Parliament House in Tasmania’s Hobart has stood proud since 1840. The imposing building takes up space in the popular part of the city known as Salamanca Place. It was originally built as the Customs House, yet its purpose has evolved over time as Tasmania continued to mature. It wasn’t until the early 1900s when this space was occupied solely by Tasmania’s parliament. Since then, many rumors have formed that the building may be haunted in […]

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Haunted Toowong Cemetery: Ghosts and Vampires

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Toowong Cemetery spreads over sprawling hills. Divided by winding roads carving through the seemingly endless scattered graves. The burial ground itself covers some 250 acres and contains a staggering amount of bodies with over 120,000 people laid to rest on its grounds. Although the sheer size of Toowong Cemetery is certainly impressive, it is no match for the creepy legends that have circulated about the notorious haunt. Toowong Cemetery dates back to 1866 and has […]

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