The Melbourne Quarantine Station – Spirits of Isolation

The Melbourne Quarantine Station – Spirits of Isolation


Welcome to the Melbourne Quarantine Station, a site nestled on the Mornington Peninsula in Portsea, Australia. Initially established in 1852 as a defence against the invasion of infectious diseases, it was once known as the ‘Sanitary Station’ and harbours a dark history steeped in despair. The arrival of the Ticonderoga, also referred to as “the plague ship” in 1852, increased the need for a Quarantine Station as sickness ravaged its passengers, some were even left to languish on the unforgiving beach. Originally embarking with a crew of 48 and 795 immigrant passengers, the journey bore witness to heart-wrenching losses, with 100 souls succumbing to illness at sea. Full of ailing passengers, this vessel carried a grim burden as it sought refuge, with desperate and unsuccessful attempts made to contain the epidemic. Despite respite efforts, the relentless scourge of Typhoid Fever continued, with a further 70 souls passing away, solidifying the grim tally of 168 passengers and 2 crew members.

The disinfection buildings were where individuals and their possessions underwent disinfection upon arrival.

From the early timber shortage that hindered the crafting of coffins to the communal bathhouse designed to cleanse the taint of infection, each structure bore witness to the suffering and struggles of many unfortunate individuals. Alongside the main facilities, it housed a school and crematorium on-site. Patients with leprosy were segregated from the main station for containment. During WWII, the station transformed into the Army Officer Cadet School. Subsequently, in 1988, the School of Army Health replaced the Cadet School until the Army vacated the premises in 1998. In 1999, the Quarantine Station provided temporary housing for Kosovo refugees. Finally, in 2009, the Station became part of the Point Nepean National Park, preserving its historical significance. The Melbourne Quarantine Station now stands as a chilling testament to the fragility of life.


Arriving with courage and curiosity, we felt very fortunate to be the very first paranormal investigators to explore the grounds of the Melbourne Quarantine Station. We ventured through each corridor, ready to unravel the tales hiding inside. With each step, anticipation grew, knowing we were pioneers, unlocking any dormant secrets within the station’s timeworn walls.

The Melbourne Quarantine Station (1852-1980), later accommodating the Army Officer Cadet School from 1952 onwards.

Reports of ghostly apparitions and shadow figures have long plagued the Melbourne Quarantine Station, adding an extra layer to its already dark history. Visitors and staff alike have recounted chilling encounters, describing ethereal figures that manifest in unexpected places which sends shivers down the spine of even the most skeptical observers.

The ominous looking disinfecting machines remain in place inside the Melbourne Quarantine station.

Sightings of a ‘Lady in White’ described as young but withered in appearance, have left witnesses captivated by her presence, shrouded in sorrow, her identity remains a haunting mystery. There are thoughts among investigators that suggest she may be the long-lost partner of a soldier who met his fate on these very grounds. Her apparition is said to drift silently through the night, reminding visitors of untold stories from another time.

The haunting mortuary table in the Melbourne Quarantine Station has been relocated from its original position; this is where every autopsy was conducted.

On the solemn grounds of the quarantine station, the apparition of a soldier has been seen, wearing a tattered uniform. His spirit reminiscent of the sacrifices and struggles that once occurred on this historic site. Could this be the love interest the ‘Lady in White’ is said to be forever searching for?

The railway-style tracks accelerated the movement of luggage and personal items through the disinfection process.

With so much suffering and loss saturating the grounds of the Melbourne Quarantine Station its no wonder there are increasing reports and stories emerging from this haunting location. The spirits are believed to stay in the shadows, silently impacting those who explore the station. These sightings remind visitors of the station’s past and attract curious guests to discover its paranormal mysteries.


As our haunting exploration of the Melbourne Quarantine Station came to an end, we could still feel the history in the air and sense the spirits that remain within its walls. Walking through and exploring the different buildings and areas around the grounds, we could feel the heavy presence of the past, a constant reminder of a difficult and sad period in time for Australia at this historic site. For anyone eager to delve into and experience the ghost stories of the Melbourne Quarantine Station first-hand, ghost tours and paranormal investigations are available that promise an unforgettable journey offering many long-lasting memories that are sure to haunt you for years to come.

Feeling honoured to be among the first paranormal investigators delving into the mysteries of the haunted Melbourne Quarantine Station.

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