Jack the Ripper’s Ghost: Haunting of Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Jack the Ripper’s Ghost: Haunting of Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Frederick Baily Deeming: A Jack the Ripper Suspect

Jack the Ripper is one of the first documented serial killers our modern world can remember. They were responsible for murdering a number of women in gruesome ways within Whitechapel, London in the late 1880s. The Ripper remains unidentified to this day, though many have speculated who the mystery killer may be.

Frederick Bailey Deeming Jack the Ripper
Frederick Bailey Deeming, one of the Jack the Ripper case suspects. (Source: The Australian)

One Jack the Ripper theory suggests that Frederick Bailey Deeming may have been this infamous killer. Deeming was born in England and lived a life surrounded by crime. Often traveling and thieving along the way. He is said to have killed his first wife and four children back in England, hiding their bodies underneath the floor of his villa. Following this, he made his way to Australia with a new wife in tow.

Haunted Hoiser Lane.
The entrance to Melbourne’s Hosier Lane, a place where Frederick Bailey Deeming is thought to haunt.

Soon after the pair made their way to Melbourne. Deeming killed his new wife, this was to lead to his arrest and eventual execution. Deming was hanged at the Old Melbourne Gaol in 1892. Many have speculated that his presence in London around the time of the Jack the Ripper murders positions him as a prime suspect. Though we may never know the real truth as to whether Deeming actually was Jack the Ripper, many people believe that his ghost is still present in Melbourne, Australia. Maybe, we could ask his ghost?

Haunted Hoiser Lane in Melbourne, Australia.
Walking down one of the most haunted streets in Melbourne.

The Ghost of Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is a narrow alley often filled with visitors at all hours of the day and night. People use the street, not only as a quick pedestrian short cut, but to admire the many murals and street art that adorn its tattered walls. Though many wouldn’t think twice about walking along this road, it is a different story for some. There have been a number of people to report having some pretty weird and unsettling experiences down Hosier Lane and it is now considered to be one of the most haunted places in Melbourne.

There is a ghost of a Jack the Ripper suspect in Melbourne, Australia.
Looking for the ghost of a Jack the Ripper suspect in Melbourne.

Men have allegedly felt the sensation of a pair of invisible, icy cold hands wrap around their necks and proceed to squeeze and strangle them. Other have also captured a glimpse of the dark silhouette of a male from the corner of their eyes. When these people turn to gain a better look at the shadow figure, it tends to dissolve into thin air. Many have speculated that this entity is actually that of Frederick Bailey Deeming, still on the lookout for his next victim. Could Jack the Ripper’s ghost really be residing in Melbourne, Australia?

Dark haunted alleyway in Melbourne.
Wheelie bins lined up along the haunted alleyway.

Visiting Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is a publicly accessible street in the heart of Melbourne. It is well worth a visit, if only just to view the street art it is well known for. When I visited, there was a small community of homeless people who had taken up residence in the alley (I guess they weren’t too fussed about the hauntings). I didn’t find them to be a problem, yet it is always handy to note and be respectful of their space.

Street art of Hoiser Lane Melbourne, Australia.
Street art lines this sinister alleyway that has a lot of ghost stories associated with it.

Interested in learning about other haunted places in Melbourne? Check out the Old Melbourne Gaol, the execution site of Frederick Bailey Deeming.

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  • Stephanie Lane

    Posted by Stephanie Lane on August 1, 2019

    This place scared me bc I was afraid you’d get jumped or robbed by real ppl. It did seem to have a spooky-ghostly feel too. I’m just glad y’all made it outta there safe.


      Posted by Amy on August 1, 2019

      Thanks so much, Stephanie! We were happy to have left safely too. We weren’t bothered by anyone while exploring though, which was very nice!

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    It’s satan and his demons be care full. amy


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      Thanks, I’ll be careful.

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