5 Most Haunted Places in Peru

5 Most Haunted Places in Peru

Haunted Peru

Peru is an intriguing and picturesque country, rich in culture and history. It is known for its mountainous terrain and for hosting ancient cultures whose legacies live on through the ruins they once lived amongst. With so many historic places of interest, it would come as no surprise to learn that Peru holds a number of ghosts. Here are the most haunted places in Peru.

5. La Casa Embrujada

The name of the first location on this list leaves nothing to the imagination. La Casa Embrujada translates directly to “The Haunted House.” This ruin of a never-completed home remains perched on a hillside in the city of Cusco. Its ragged appearance screams ghosts, yet whether this home is actually haunted has torn many in opinion.

Haunted House in Peru.
The most haunted house in Peru.

Many people claim that the spirits of the dead remain within the peeling, decayed walls of this towering house. While there are no specifics as to who may be haunting this home, many people claim them to be in pain. It is thought they are suffering, as their cries and screams of agony can be heard reverberating through the house in the dead of night.

Peru's most haunted house.
A building that scares many people in Peru.

Although these legends are prevalent, it seems others do not buy into the ghost stories. Clearly etched across the front of this property is a warning that reads, once translated: “This is not a haunted house.” Could this be the truth or something simply to deter curious trespassers?

Haunted, abandoned house in Peru.
Is Peru’s most haunted house really haunted?

4. Government Palace

The Peru Government Palace stands protected in the heart of Lima. A grand sight that doesn’t seem spooky at first glance yet holds some troubling secrets from the paranormal world.

Haunted Government Palace, Peru.
Peru’s Government Building is said to be haunted.

Dating back to 1535 the Government building has had plenty of time to accumulate spirits, yet it isn’t just ghosts thought to be haunting this property. Many of the staff who work within the building claim to have encountered a Duende in the carpark of the building. This mischievous being is similar to that of a goblin or elf and is thought to have scared many of the staff immensely.

Haunted Government Palace in Peru.
Outside one of the most haunted places in Peru, the Government Palace.

Returning to more typical hauntings, the Government Palace is also thought to contain a ghost that primarily spends time on the second floor. This is even according to former president Alan García. He claims that this is likely the spirit of a former Governor from the past who was actually executed.

3. Gran Hotel Bolivar

The Gran Hotel Bolivar is one of the most popular hotels in town, not just for its famous Pisco Sours, yet also for ghosts. The hotel was built back in 1924 in the hopes of adding some glamour to the city and has stood proudly within San Martin Square since.

Haunted Gran Hotel Bolivar in Lima, Peru.
Stepping into the most haunted hotel in Peru, the Gran Hotel Bolivar.

A number of spirits are said to have taken up residence within the building. Perhaps the most commonly sighted spirit here is that of a lady in white. She is often seen by both guests and staff gliding down the long corridors of the hotel before suddenly disappearing into thin air. Another woman, that of a suicide victim, is also said to haunt this hotel. She allegedly threw herself from an upstairs window at the hotel and has remained, unable to pass over, since.

Haunted hallways in Peru's most haunted hotel.
The long haunted hallways of this spooky Peruvian hotel.

The spirits of former employees are even said to linger here. Many people have claimed to sight both a bellboy and a ghostly security guard, still going about their past duties. Likely the most sinister and surprising of any of the ghost stories at the Gran Hotel Bolivar pertains to its two uppermost floors. These remain mysteriously blocked off to the public, slowly decaying with time. It is rumored that these upper floors were actually blocked off from entry since there were so many paranormal events to occur there.

Haunted Gran Hotel Bolivar in Lima, Peru.
The blocked off upper floors of the haunted Gran Hotel Bolivar in Peru.

2. Real Felipe Fortress

The Real Felipe Fortress is without a doubt one of the most haunted places in Peru. It has protected the coastline of Lima since the 1700s and seen its fair share of tragedy and suffering.

Haunted Real Felipe Fortress.
One of the haunted towers at the Real Felipe Fortress.

One of the most commonly sighted ghosts to appear within the fort is that of a white lady. She is typically said to manifest around the King’s Tower at midnight. The spirit of a young boy has also been described as haunting the Governor’s House. He seems to enjoy hiding away amongst the military displays that now fill this area. Whilst visitors commonly only capture a quick glance of this child, he is believed to be around 2 years old and wearing 1800s sailor-type garb. Yet another ghost lingers here. This is thought to be the spirit of a young soldier who took his own life by jumping from the Queen’s Tower out of fear of an imminent battle. To this day his ghost is seen in the area of this tower and many have even been overcome within the sensation to jump from the tower themselves.

One of the most haunted places in Peru, the Real Felipe Fortress.
The structure of the Real Felipe Fortress thought to be one of the most haunted places in Peru.

Understandably, the most haunted part of the Real Felipe Fortress is its dungeon. This long narrow space is nestled deep in the dark, dank depths of the King’s Tower and would have been a horrendous place to exist. Anywhere up to 80 men would be crammed into the dungeon at a time, left alone to slowly rot and starve together. It’s no wonder why many people still claim to hear the disembodied sounds of people suffering, footsteps when no one is around, unexplained bangs and strange light anomalies in this area.

Haunted dungeon of the Real Felipe Fortress.
The dungeon space of the Real Felipe Fortress, one of the most haunted places in this historic fort.

Notable Mention: San Francisco Church Catacombs

It wouldn’t be right to complete this list without a mention of the spookiest place you can find anywhere in Peru. While no ghost stories exist about the San Francisco Church’s Catacombs, they are a place capable of striking fear into the hearts of many.

San Francisco Church Catacombs in Peru.
Looking down through a grate at the rows of skulls in the San Francisco Church’s Catacombs.

Although the church is worth visiting, what lies beneath it in underground crypts is truly the drawcard for many. Here, is a massive burial place filled with the remains of some 25,000 people’s skeletal remains. This was used as a cemetery until 1808 and today remains as both a haunting and beautiful ossuary.

Human bones in Peru's catacombs.
Rows of human bones lined up in Peru’s spooky catacombs.

1. Machu Picchu

No place within Peru quite tops the sight of Machu Picchu. An awe-inspiring ruin left scattered upon a mountain-top laced with low hanging thick cloud, Machu Picchu certainly looks the part of a haunted destination.

Haunted Machu Picchu.
Low hanging fog clouding the view of Machu Picchu.

This world wonder was built sometime in the 15th century by the Incas and is thought to have acted as a citadel and royal retreat for the then leaders. Luckily, this haunting ruin remained abandoned and concealed during the invasion of the Spanish upon Peru, leaving it surprisingly intact. Maybe this is one reason why the ghosts are said to have remained within this spiritual site.

Haunted place in Peru, Machu Picchu.
Machu Picchu is one of the most historic and haunted places in Peru.

Machu Picchu is known to have been a significant place for religion and it is the ghosts of former priests who are thought to remain to haunt this Peruvian treasure. Some have claimed to sight priests wearing traditional dress, performing rituals around the former areas of altars before disappearing.

Exploring the most haunted places in Peru.
Looking out at the view over one of Peru’s most haunted places.

Furthermore, the hike along the famed Inca Trail is also said to be haunted. Many people claim to have woken from their sleep while being strangled by the ghost of an Inca warrior. A truly terrifying experience!

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