The Haunted Malinta Tunnel: War and Ghosts in the Philippines

Corregidor Island, Philippines

Corregidor Island sits off the coast of the Philippines and was a strategic place to hold during WWII. The island was seen as the key to Manila, sitting just within its bay. Resultedly it was fought over by both the US and Japanese military, who both managed to secure the island at differing times. Being a place that was so brutally ravaged by war, Corregidor Island saw mass amounts of bloodshed and death. The island […]

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Old Diplomat Hotel: Most Haunted Place in Baguio

Baguio, Philippines

A haunting and notorious reminder to the dark past that once shrouded the Philippines exists in the form of the Old Diplomat Hotel. This domineering building stands proud as the former Dominican Hill Retreat House, built back in 1913. It was constructed as a place of peace for local friars and nuns to inhabit, but it was destined to become something truly evil. WWII saw the Japanese invade the Philippines and seize Baguio from the […]

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Crag Hotel: Abandoned Film Set in Penang

Penang, Malaysia

Towering over Malaysia on a side of Penang Hill which is rarely visited, sits a withering set of buildings linked to a very rich history. Some of these buildings date back to the late 1800s and have served many functions throughout their lives including a hotel, private residence, a school and even a film set. The site, which is best known as the Crag Hotel, is well hidden and difficult to access due to stray […]

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Haunted, Abandoned Mansion in Pune, India

Pune, India

Perched high upon a dry hill dotted with gnarled, skeletal looking trees sits a ruin that has become rather infamous amongst those who live in Pune, India. Here, on Taljai Hill, is a long abandoned mansion that has slowly been engulfed by rumors that it is haunted. Today the future of this infamous ruined mansion remains unclear. The land exists upon is slowly being surrounded by new urban development including new homes and a brand […]

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Haunted Fort Santiago: Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines

In one of the most historic parts of Manila, known as Intramuros, lies a darkly disturbing omen to the past. Fort Santiago continues to stand proudly in perfect condition within this area, visited by many people daily. The fort is designed in a Spanish vein. Intended to create protective walls, tasked with sheltering Intramuros from harm. During its lifetime, which dates back to the late 1500s, Santiago Fort has had many different purposes. One of […]

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Teochew Chinese Cemetery: Where the Living Mix With the Dead

Bangkok, Thailand

Off the beaten path in Bangkok’s suburbs, sits a tranquil park, tucked away from busy city life. Though this park is full of life, sports recreation and entertainment facilities, it is also full of death. Surprisingly this park was once one of the most feared places in Thailand and believed to be a very haunted cemetery. That is until the city decided to appease restless spirits by giving the cemetery a face-life, transitioning the drab, overgrown tombstones […]

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