Most Haunted Places in Singapore You Can Visit!

Most Haunted Places in Singapore You Can Visit!

Haunted Singapore

Singapore may be small but it packs quite a punch. With it’s expanding metropolis it dominates many industries including foreign exchange, financial sectors and even casino-based gambling. It also stands strong in the paranormal world, boasting many scary and interesting haunted locations. Here are a few you can visit for yourself!

4. Amber Beacon Tower

The Amber Beacon Tower is one of the most notorious and supposedly haunted landmarks in Singapore. This brightly colored beachfront beacon gained infamy in 1990 when it witnesses a brutal murder first hand. A young couple chose to stop and sit upon the tower’s staircase during a walk down the beach, which was their first and to be their last date ever. The couple was approached from behind and then attacked by two men masked to conceal their identities.

Haunted Amber Beacon Tower, Singapore.
A view of the infamously haunted Amber Beacon Tower in Singapore.

The male of the pair was able to fight off his attacker whereas the female was far less fortunate. She was stabbed in the neck and sadly passed away at the base of the Amber Beacon Tower.

The haunted Amber Beacon Tower's staircase.
A view of the staircase of the Amber Beacon Tower.

Though this murder remains unsolved, the memory of Kelly Tan Ah Hong, the woman who lost her life that night, remains strong. Legend has developed around her spirit and the Amber Beacon Tower. Many passers-by have claimed to sight a woman wearing a flowing white gown gliding past the several floors of the tower. Others have reported hearing blood-curdling cries of terror and pain emanating from the area late at night when no one is around. Sadly, these reports are believed to be Kelly’s spirit, now trapped at the Amber Beacon Tower.

3. Bukit Brown Cemetery

Another of Singapore’s haunted locations worth mentioning on this list is the notorious Bukit Brown Cemetery. This sprawling city of the dead is the final resting place for more than 100,000 souls. It covers 233 hectares and is so large and meshed with rainforest that it has been deemed a biodiversity park. Dating back to 1833 the area also encompasses a lot of history and important figures from Singapore’s past.

Haunted Bukit Brown Cemetery in Singapore.
Gates inside the most haunted cemetery in Singapore.

Given that this cemetery is so expansive it makes sense that it has become a source of developing folklore. One of the most prevalent stories circulating about Bukit Brown’s haunted side is that it is home to many Pontianaks. This is a being that is prevalent throughout East Asian cultures and described as being created after a woman dies while pregnant or during childbirth. The Pontianak supposedly possesses vampiric tendencies and they are considered to be quite dangerous.

Cemetery in rainforest of Singapore.
Some of the graves within the dense rainforest of the Bukit Brown Cemetery.

In addition to these entities, many believe there to be another reason as to why this cemetery has become so haunted. In 2011 a massive 8 lane highway was approved and constructed. This highway passed right through the Bukit Brown Cemetery, displacing some 4000 graves and no doubt disturbing the peace surrounding many others. Some say this has angered many spirits and now woken them from their slumber.

2. Changi Beach

The history surrounding Changi Beach is extremely sad and disturbing. It is this history that has lead many to believe that the area is haunted and gives credence to the many ghosty stories told about the beach. Changi Beach saw its darkest moment surrounding WWII when the Japanese occupied Singapore. During this time the Sook Ching Massacre occurred, which translates to “cleansing purge.” This massacre saw many people executed all throughout Singapore, with a large number losing their lives upon Changi Beach. 66 men were sadly lined up and killed along this stretch of beach.

Haunted Changi Beach in Singapore.
A lonely bench sitting along Changi Beach in Singapore.

Ever since this dark event, many claim the beach and surrounding area to be haunted. Many claim to have heard strange noises along the beach. These are typically described as gunshots, crying and screams for help. Some very gruesome visual phenomena has also been reported here. Some have sighted pools of blood-forming upon the white sand. Others have sighted strange apparitions described as the heads of Chinese men bobbing in the water or even headless men wandering the shore. Residual type hauntings are even thought to sometimes occur here, with some claiming to sight the actual massacre replaying itself out on the beachfront.

Infographic of the. Changi Beach Massacre posted at the site.
Depiction of the Changi Beach Massacre.

While this is truly one of the more disturbing locations on this list, it doesn’t seem to end just at the beachfront where the massacre took place. Some of the beach houses in the area have also been declared as haunted. Allegedly some visitors to them have encountered dark spirits that have attacked and even scratched them. In addition, others have seen a woman in white roaming the area, thought to have been widowed after this massacre.

1. Istana Woodneuk Mansion

The number one position on this list has been reserved for the most spectacular haunt in Singapore, the Istana Woodneuk Mansion. This amazing place was built in the early 19th century by a rich sultan. It acted as a private residence through until WWII when it was repurposed for use as a General’s Headquarters and a military hospital. During this time it saw vast amounts of death with some 700 lives being lost at the property.

Haunted Istana Woodneuk Mansion.
Standing outside Singapore’s haunted Istana Woodneuk Mansion.

After this, the building became abandoned and fell into disrepair. This also resulted in the building being targeted by vandals and graffiti artists. Today, the building is completely covered with sinister-looking signs that resemble Satanic type symbols. This could be one reason why so many believe the area is now a hot-bed for Satanists to perform rituals. Whether this is true or not, many people do believe these rituals have attracted dark entities to haunt the area.

Haunted place in Singapore.
Grand staircase inside one of the most haunted places in Singapore.

In addition to these dark entities, the former home is thought by many to be extremely haunted. This is largely related to it’s past as a hospital and even as a beloved place to house a family.

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