Peabody-Whitehead Mansion: Denver’s Most Haunted House

Denver, Colorado, USA

In a sleepy suburb of Denver, Colorado exists a derelict house with a sinister reputation. On a picturesque, quiet street sits this spooky house, shielded by a wire fence and bordered up windows. Built-in 1889, this former mansion was to be the home of William Riddick Whitehead, a man best known for being a surgeon who treated patients during the Crimean War. Following Whitehead’s death within the house in 1902, Governor James Peabody took up […]

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Mexico’s Haunted Black Palace: Palacio De Lecumberri

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico’s National Archive is today held in a building that has such a fierce reputation, the locals refer to it as the Black Palace. The Palacio De Lecumberri continues to stand tall in its foreboding glory as a notoriously recognizable landmark and now an important government building. This location earned its reputation long before it held important pieces of Mexico‘s history, having formerly functioned as one of the most formidable prisons in the country. 1900 […]

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John Lennon’s Ghost Haunts New York’s Dakota Building

New York City, New York, USA

Although it appears foreboding, the Dakota Building is an iconic landmark that has become one of the most sought after private residences in New York City. The Dakota Apartments were constructed between 1880 and 1884. Having strikingly beautiful architecture and a prime Manhattan location, the building holds a prestigious position and has attracted many notable residents from musicians, actors, sports stars and countless other individuals who are not strangers to the spotlight. Perhaps the most […]

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Teotihuacan Pyramids: Gateway to the Underworld


Just outside of modern-day Mexico City lies a literal ghost town containing a number of impressively large, ancient pyramids. This abandoned Meso-American city is known as Teotihuacan and dates back to 400BC. Over time, this city grew in size and power until it reached its peak population of around 200,000 people. Like many other ancient city’s in history, this one was also to fall, becoming officially abandoned around 700AD. The city was to lie empty […]

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Marilyn Monroe’s Ghost Haunts the Roosevelt Hotel

Los Angeles, California, USA

The Roosevelt Hotel is certainly one of the most iconic places in Hollywood. It has provided accommodation to some of the world’s biggest stars since it opened its doors in 1927. To this day, the Roosevelt Hotel’s name remains synonymous with film and old-world Hollywood charm. It continues to cater to guests looking for upscale lodging in the Hollywood area, but there are some moments in the hotel’s past that have left the building tarnished […]

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Ghosts of the Haunted Monterey Hotel

Monterey, California, USA

The Monterey Hotel is a striking Victorian-era building that sits in a prime position in Downtown Monterey. It is a popular destination for travelers, being in one of California’s most iconic coastal towns and situated in close proximity to the famed Fisherman’s Wharf. Although this hotel greets its guests with a warm, comforting interior it does possess some spooky stories that will send a shiver down your spine. The Monterey Hotel is said to be […]

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Haunted Cemetery in San Diego: El Campo Santo

San Diego, California, USA

The El Campo Santo Cemetery is just one of the historic sites remaining within Old Town San Diego. Burials were accepted in this site from 1849 until 1880, making this one of the oldest cemeteries in Southern California. Unfortunately, El Campo Santo Cemetery was once much larger with a lot of this historic location being lost to time. After falling into some disrepair it was decided that a large portion of the cemetery would be […]

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Haunting of St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery, New York

New York, USA

Dating back to 1660 St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery holds the title of being the second oldest church in Manhattan. However, it also holds the title of being the most haunted. This chapel was built by a man named Petrus Stuyvesant upon the land he originally purchased for farming. Petrus was a Dutch Colonial, world traveler and sailor who lived out his last years in the area of Manhattan. Following his death in 1672 […]

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