The Shanley Hotel – 150 years of Hauntings and Tragedies

The Shanley Hotel – 150 years of Hauntings and Tragedies


Welcome to the mysterious Shanley Hotel, located in the small town of Napanoch, New York. This three-storey hotel is steeped in history and rich in haunting tales of restless souls from the past. Standing for over 150 years, this old hotel holds dark secrets that will send goosebumps across the skin of anyone who visits. Originally built in 1815 by Thomas Ritch, it passed through several landowners and was known by many names before burning down in 1895, it was swiftly rebuilt and was eventually purchased by James Shanley in 1906. James spent years improving and upgrading the Shanley Hotel to make it fit for high profile guests but also added secret rooms and a cellar to hide contraband from authorities. It also served as a gentlemen’s club and speakeasy during the era of prohibition and many believe some of it’s patrons remain there to this day.

The eerie facade of the Shanley Hotel has a haunting allure that beckons visitors to uncover the stories of spirits residing within.

However, it was a string of tragedies that struck the Shanley family which sadly claimed the lives of an entire generation, forever casting a haunting and ominous shadow over the hotel’s history. James Shanley married Beatrice Rowley in 1910 and they dreamed of having a large family. In 1912 Beatrice gave birth to their first child, Kathleen and although overjoyed by her birth, poor Kathleen would not live past the age of six months. James and Beatrice went on to have another two children, James and William but they too unfortunately would not survive past the ages of four months and nine months. It has been said that their heartbreak can still be felt within the walls of the Shanley Hotel. After the unimaginable loss of their children, the hotel took a sinister turn, transforming into a den of illicit activities, so brace yourself for a chilling journey as we delve into the haunting legends and ghostly encounters at the Shanley Hotel.


At the notorious Shanley Hotel, ghostly happenings are a regular occurrence, often leaving it’s visitors with an unforgettable experience. Reports of people unexplainably choking have left many feeling short of breath and anxious. The hotel’s eerie reputation is such that children are banned from spending the night due to the intense hauntings. However, many guests claim to have sighted the apparitions of playful children running through the halls, their laughter echoing throughout the haunted corridors.

Visitors have reported hearing the spectral footsteps of children playfully running and laughing within the halls of the Shanley Hotel.

One of the most haunting spirits of the Shanley Hotel is that of Beatrice, also known as the ‘weeping woman’, she is said to be forever roaming the hotel searching for her lost children. Beatrice is often seen wearing period attire and it is reported that her sorrowful presence can be felt, occasionally heard and even smelt, with a strong scent of perfume saturating the rooms as she forever wanders around the dimly lit hallways.

People often claim to hear whispers, smell perfume and feel the presence of Beatrice while exploring the rooms of the Shanley Hotel.

The Shanley children are not the only child spirits to reportedly linger within the hotel. Three year old Rosie was the daughter of a hotel employee living within the Shanley Hotel. One day she decided to go for a walk where she happened upon a nearby well, while gazing inside the well she slipped and fell to her unfortunate and untimely death. There have been many reports of a playful little girl roaming the grounds and halls believed to be the spirit of young Rosie.

Step into a bygone era as you wander through the halls of the Shanley Hotel, where time itself seems to rewind with every step.

But the spirits of the Shanley Hotel are not limited to grieving mothers and playful children. The hotel’s past as a brothel and speakeasy continues to attract lingering souls. Anna, a former resident, is frequently seen and heard in the confines of the second-floor room that she once inhabited, this room is aptly named, Anna’s room. Guests have reported strange occurrences, such as flickering lights and unexplainable whispers that are seemingly tied to Anna’s restless spirit.

Experience the flickering lights and embrace the mysterious whispers commonly encountered in the haunted bedrooms of the Shanley Hotel.

In the depths of the third floor, the echoes of Claire’s screams can be heard reverberating through time. It is believed that she tragically took her own life in the late 1800s and her tormented soul still lingers within the hotel. Meanwhile, the ghostly presence of Sweet Thing, the hotel’s former feline resident, has been spotted prowling the premises, reminding visitors that not only human apparitions haunt this place.


There are believed to be even more spirits lingering within the Shanley Hotel and with it’s chilling tales of tragedy, playful children, weeping spirits, and echoes of the hotel’s scandalous past, it’s no wonder this paranormal hotspot attracts those seeking an otherworldly encounter. If you’re brave enough to venture into the realm of the unknown and visit the Shanley Hotel you will require a strong heart and an open mind. Be sure to embrace the eerie ambiance, but remember to respect the spirits that reside within. You can engage in the ghostly tales by reserving either a public or private tour, but make sure to tread cautiously and with utmost respect. The Shanley Hotel definitely offers a unique experience for all those who dare to explore its haunted halls and corridors. It promises to leave visitors with stories to share and memories that will haunt them for years to come.

The Shanley Hotel is a stunning location that offers a truly unforgettable experience for anyone interested in the paranormal.

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