The Conjuring House – A Mysterious Farmhouse

The Conjuring House – A Mysterious Farmhouse

The Conjuring House

Welcome to the eerie world of the Conjuring House, where shadows and nightmares become reality. In 2013, a truly chilling horror film, “The Conjuring,” brought to light the terrifying tales surrounding this once humble farmhouse that has become infamous in the annals of paranormal lore. The Conjuring House, nearly three centuries old, was built in 1736 and is nestled in the small Rhode Island town of Harrisville. Since it’s construction it has become a breeding ground for darkness and despair. The Conjuring House is a dwelling that has witnessed generations of family suffering, through a string of tragic events that defy all reason. From the death of Sallie Arnold and her two children from Typhus in 1848, the alleged deaths of Susan Arnold by hanging in 1866 and of John Arnold’s insecticide ingestion in 1911. This foreboding house holds secrets that defy comprehension and have plagued generations with fear. Although there is no evidence it is said that the tragedies continued with the horrific murder of 11-year-old Prudence Arnold in 1849 and of a neighbour, Jarvis Smith who died from exposure inside the Arnold’s barn after a drunken night out. The house is always at the centre of every theory, story and tragedy captivating the imagination of those who dare to delve into its dark and unbelievable history.

The infamous facade of the Conjuring House is shrouded in mystery and whispered tales.

The walls of the Conjuring House whisper of ghostly apparitions, demonic possessions, malevolent forces and unexplainable phenomena as if all trapped within this timeworn structure. The Perron family, consisting of Roger, his wife Carolyn and their five daughters, Andrea, Nancy, Christine, Cynthia and April lived there for ten unforgettable years from 1971-1980 and experienced unexplained terrors during that time. Those terrors compelled Andrea Perron to document her chilling accounts of their ordeals in a book titled “House of Darkness House of light: The true story”. With the Conjuring House being surrounded by a history steeped in tragedy, it’s no wonder this mysterious location exudes an aura of fear that even the bravest souls find difficult to withstand. In 2019, new owners Jennifer and Cory Heinzen stepped into the eerie legacy of this ancient dwelling, ready to confront the secrets that lie within it’s haunted walls. Prepare yourself as we delve deep into the chilling tales of the infamous Conjuring House, revealing secrets that will leave you breathless. 

The weathered exterior of the Conjuring House stands as a silent witness to the countless haunting stories that have unfolded within its walls.


An enigmatic figure known as Bathsheba Sherman is a name that has sent shivers down the spines of some. Although others feel a sense of sorrow upon hearing her name, for she is believed to have been wrongfully accused of murder and witchcraft. Once a seemingly ordinary housewife, Bathsheba Thayer was married to Judson Sherman, a farmer from another property. They lived for some time in a neighbouring farmhouse located close by. There are whispers of a child tragically meeting a horrific and untimely demise while under Bathsheba’s care, it was believed that the life of the innocent infant was snuffed out by an inexplicable horror. Yet, despite the suspicions that loomed over Bathsheba, she managed to evade legal consequences due to a lack of evidence. It is believed that Bathsheba had three children of her own, two of which did not survive past the age of four. This further fuelled the circulating rumours from towns-people that Bathsheba was a witch who sacrificed children to maintain her youthful appearance and beauty. These unfortunate stories and rumours remain unfounded, often propelled by the whispers of fear and sensationalism. There is an eerie incident however, that happened while the Perron family were living in the house, Carolyn Perron reported feeling a piercing pain on her calf while lying on the couch, upon examination she failed to find any reason for the pain or blood left by the small wound. Paranormal investigator, Lorraine Warren attributed this mark to Bathsheba’s malevolent spirit.

Captured in this haunting image within the kitchen, you can almost hear the creaking floorboards and feel the presence of unseen entities.

Inside the walls of the Conjuring House, a series of sinister hauntings unfolded, leaving a lasting mark on the lives of those who dared to step inside. World renowned paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, were called in to help the Perron family. Despite their best intentions, the Warren’s found themselves overwhelmed as they crossed the threshold into the malevolence that resided within. Their investigation culminated in a brutal seance, held on the eve of Halloween in 1973. Lorraine, who stood positioned near the black stove, covering her eyes and lowering her head could sense a malignant entity she named, Bathsheba. As the seance unfolded, tensions rose and despite Roger’s initial opposition, the seance pressed forward, leading to unsettling events taking place.

The eerie fireplace inside the Conjuring House, where the flickering flames once cast ghostly shadows, luring you into a realm where the paranormal intertwines with reality.

Within minutes of the seance starting, Carolyn’s body contorted, as if being squeezed by an unseen force. A 200-pound table began to lift off the floor, and Carolyn experienced her head tilting back and forth. The chair was lifted off the ground followed by a thunderous crash as the table slammed back down. In a terrifying display, Carolyn, still in her chair, was hurled across two rooms, landing in the middle of the room near the fireplace. Roger’s frustration reached a boiling point which resulted in a punch being thrown at Ed during all the chaos. The Warren’s were banished from the house by the Perron family after that night. The Conjuring House became a battleground of supernatural forces, forever etching it’s haunting legacy into the lives of those who encountered it’s horrors and malevolence that fateful night.

Descend into the depths of terror as you peer into the haunted cellar of the infamous Conjuring House.

Descending into the cellar, one encounters a well, this area was once used as a daycare for children. Inside the cellar, faded drawings depicting a lady with a crooked neck were found, her haunting form etched into the very essence of the space. It is said that her presence still lingers in the shadows, an unsettling reminder of the past. Visitors who dare to venture into this eerie domain speak of a strange energy that permeates the air. Heightened awareness and unease washes over them, as if unseen eyes are watching their every move. Some even claim to have caught glimpses of mysterious faces peeking out from behind objects, their ethereal visages adding to the sense of an otherworldly presence.

Inside the cellar the walls bear witness to an unsettling drawing of a lady with a crooked neck, an eerie manifestation of the supernatural presence that lingers within.

Upstairs holds chilling secrets that send goosebumps across the skin of those who dare to venture into the Perron girls’ bedrooms. The children experienced an unsettling occurrence one night when they witnessed the apparitions of seven deceased soldiers standing around their bed. These spirits are believed to be soldiers from past battles within the area, their souls forever entombed within the walls. The echoes of rebellions from the area’s tumultuous past, combined with the early construction of the house, create an eerie possibility that these spirits find solace within the residence. Amidst the dark entities, child spirits have been sighted playfully peeking around corners, their innocent apparitions are both captivating and unnerving. The Perron children have described encounters with child spirits on several occasions and constantly felt their presence within the house, they would often play with a young boy they referred to as “Oliver”. Some of the paranormal phenomena includes, flashes of light in the darkness, cameras malfunctioning, doors creaking open of their own accord, whispers and footsteps that reveal unseen forces at work.

A replica Annabelle doll sits inside the living room of the Conjuring House, a haunting tribute to the legendary Ed and Lorraine Warren’s visit.

The Perron family felt overwhelming fear within the Conjuring House, after encountering a malevolent black mist that would slam windows shut at the mention of Jesus, this further solidified their conviction that a demonic force lurked within. Carolyn Perron, consumed by terror, reached her breaking point in 1980 and whispered to her husband Roger, “I will not survive another Winter in this house.” Thus resulting in the family selling and moving on. Amidst the palpable tension and unexplainable encounters, the spirits of the Conjuring House remain, their presence an eternal reminder of the darkness that resides within.

The Conjuring House, with its peeling paint and darkened windows has a chilling allure making it a must-visit destination for both skeptics and believers seeking a glimpse into the supernatural.


For those seeking an immersive and truly unforgettable experience, a visit to the Conjuring House offers a bewitching opportunity to delve into the world of the paranormal. With various options available, including guided tours and overnight stays, this infamous farmhouse beckons the brave-hearted to unlock its secrets. Once inside, guests are transported into a realm where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs. As you explore the rooms, be prepared to encounter the remnants of a haunting past, from the lingering presence of the Perron family’s torment to the malevolent spirits that still roam. Each step through the Conjuring House is taken with eerie anticipation. This is not a journey for the faint of heart, but for those daring enough to venture forth, the Conjuring House promises a spine-tingling encounter with the otherworldly. Beware, for within these haunted walls darkness lurks – once you step foot inside, you may never escape it’s grasp.

In the depths of the Conjuring House, I find myself immersed in a haunting moment of reflection, contemplation and awe.

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