The Biltmore Hotel: Satanism, Murder and Ghosts in Providence

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

The Biltmore Hotel of Providence, Rhode Island is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. It has existed since 1922, featured in multiple movies and allowed the likes of Stephen King and Robert Bloch to gain inspiration for terrifying fictional accommodations such as the Overlook Hotel and the Bates Motel. Though these stories have scared many, the true story of the Biltmore Hotel’s past is far more sinister than one could imagine and has given […]

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Most Haunted Places in Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado, USA

Denver is known for many great things. It is the bustling capital city of Colorado, rests nearby to the picturesque Rocky Mountains and contains many great museums. Taking a moment to peer through Denver’s pleasant façade reveals a number of dark locations with sinister pasts. These are the most haunted places in Denver. The Denver Public library has long been a place of education and escapism for book worms, usually seen trawling through the fiction […]

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California’s Haunted Mission San Antonio de Padua

California, USA

Just off California’s famous Highway 101 lies a historic building saved from ruin for future generations. A quick turn off the highway to follow a winding road through the Santa Lucia Mountains brings travelers to a United States Army reservation shielded by towering barbed wire fences. Resting peacefully and inconspicuously in the heart of this reserve is the Mission San Antonio de Padua. This Mission continues to run as a functional church today, but at […]

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The Story Behind Salem’s Haunted Witch House

Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Salem, Massachusetts was a very different place back in 1692. It was a dominant shipping port on the East Coast and home to a large Puritan community. A stark contrast to the bustling tourist destination Salem has become today, yet one thing that remains consistent is the town’s fascination with witch craft. Salem is indeed best known for the hysteria that dominated it in 1692, resulting in the Witch Trials that were to cause the […]

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3 Haunted Cemeteries In Boston You Need to Visit

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston is a city tied to a great deal of important American history. Glimpses into its past and former residents can be accessed by visiting one of its many cemeteries. Within the heart of Boston’s city center lie three very different cemeteries, each with their own haunted tales. These are the ghost stories behind Boston’s most haunted cemeteries: The Central Burying Ground, King’s Chapel Burial Ground and the Granary Burial Ground. The Central Burying Ground […]

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New York City’s Merchant’s House is Insanely Haunted

New York City, New York, USA

The Merchant’s House, erected in 1832, is New York City’s only surviving, fully intact 19th Century family home and one of its most haunted places. Built by Joseph Brewster in Manhattan’s Bowery, the home was soon sold to Seabury Tredwell, a rich merchant. The Tredwell’s were to live within the house for many years with Gertrude, Seabury’s youngest daughter, remaining within the home until her death in 1933. She was able to keep the home […]

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