Ghosts of the Yorktown Memorial Hospital, Texas

Ghosts of the Yorktown Memorial Hospital, Texas

The Yorktown Memorial Hospital

Just outside of San Antonio, Texas lies the Yorktown Memorial Hospital – a place shrouded in mystery and horror. For 30 years, this 30,000 square foot structure stood as the only medical facility outside of San Antonio, serving the local community and beyond. However, with over 2,000 people passing away during its short operation, allegations of fatal neglect, malpractice, and even murder plagued the hospital’s reputation.

Haunted hopsital in Texas.
Standing outside the the notoriously haunted Yorktown Memorial Hospital.

Built by the Felician Sisters in 1950, the Yorktown Memorial Hospital was once a beacon of hope for those seeking medical attention. But as more and more stories of suspicious deaths and mistreatment emerged, it became clear that something sinister was happening within its walls. Take for example a supposed love triangle between two employees and a patient, which ended in a double murder-suicide and stains of blood that still splatter the walls of the basement’s boiler room. It is said that a nurses’ boyfriends caught her cheating with a patient, leading to a very violent outburst with deadly consequences. But, in 1988, the hospital doors were shut for good, leaving behind a legacy of tragedy and fear.

Haunted hallway inside abandoned hospital.
A stray wheelchair sitting in a lonely, haunted hallway.

Hauntings of the Yorktown Memorial Hospital

To this day, the spirits of those who died within the hospital’s walls are said to haunt its abandoned halls, making it a popular destination for thrill-seekers and ghost hunters alike.

Site of a murder in the Yorktown Memorial Hospital.
The Boiler Room where a supposed double murder-suicide occurred.

Visitors have reported seeing shadow figures lurking in the hallways, and some have even experienced violent pushing, touching, and even possession. It is claimed that the caretaker of the hospital was once possessed, supposedly this was to largely occur within the hospital’s former church.

Haunted hallway.
A dark hallway where the ghosts of nuns have been sighted.

One of the most active parts of the hospital is the basement, where visitors report seeing a black mist and experiencing extreme temperature fluctuations. An eerie feeling of being watched pervades the area, and many have reported feeling off balance and short of breath. The priests’ quarters in the basement is also a hotspot for paranormal activity, with visitors reporting shadow figures, black mist, aggressive EVPS, and documenting words like “get out” and “you’re not safe”.

Priest's bedroom at Yorktown Memorial Hospital.
One of the most haunted rooms at the Yorktown Memorial Hospital, a former Priest’s bedroom.

In other parts of the hospital, visitors have heard strange unexplainable noises, including babies crying, people screaming and moaning in pain, and even evil laughter. The chapel on the first floor is particularly notorious for its dark energy, with visitors hearing organ music playing and seeing a malevolent shadow figure in the pews. According to reports, the chapel is full of spirits and even has demons or other dark entities lingering. So, it’s not surprising that the hospital’s current owner refuses to enter the hospital anymore.

Church haunted by Demon.
An old church where some say demonic activity culminates.

Visiting the Haunted Yorktown Memorial Hospital

If you’re brave enough to experience the haunting of Yorktown Memorial Hospital for yourself, there are a few options available. The hospital is now a popular destination for ghost hunters, paranormal enthusiasts, and thrill-seekers alike. There are guided tours available that will take you through the hospital, sharing stories of its dark past and the unexplainable encounters that visitors have reported over the years. Alternatively, you can visit during one of the many paranormal investigation events that are held at the hospital throughout the year. However, be warned: those who dare to enter the hospital may not leave unscathed, as the spirits that inhabit its halls are said to be particularly malevolent and aggressive.

Haunted Yorktown Memorial Hospital, Texas.
One of the many creepy rooms within the Yorktown Memorial Hospital.

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