Teochew Chinese Cemetery: Where the Living Mix With the Dead

Teochew Chinese Cemetery: Where the Living Mix With the Dead

Teochew Chinese Cemetery of Bangkok, Thailand

Off the beaten path in Bangkok’s suburbs, sits a tranquil park, tucked away from busy city life. Though this park is full of life, sports recreation and entertainment facilities, it is also full of death. Surprisingly this park was once one of the most feared places in Thailand and believed to be a very haunted cemetery. That is until the city decided to appease restless spirits by giving the cemetery a face-life, transitioning the drab, overgrown tombstones into a public space for all to enjoy.

Teochew Chinese Cemetery of Bangkok, Thailand.
One of the forgotten graves of the Teochew Cemetery in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Teochew Chinese Cemetery was established in the early 1900s as a place where Chinese immigrants could be buried together in one place. The park became a sprawling oasis for the dead and held thousands of graves. Never the less, time took its toll and by the 1990s the cemetery had fallen into disrepair and sat, seemingly abandoned. This is where the ghost stories of the Teochew Chinese Cemetery come to life.

Former cemetery converted to a public park in Bangkok, Thailand.
Neon decoration within the former cemetery, now public park.

Hauntings of Teochew Chinese Cemetery

As the appearance of the cemetery deteriorated with time and lack of love, its fearsome reputation grew. Supposedly locals became scared of this cemetery believing it held many disgruntled ghosts. The belief behind this was that the dead resting there were unhappy that they had been neglected and forgotten.

Overgrown Teochew Chinese Cemetery.
One of the overgrown portions of the Teochew Cemetery in Bangkok, Thailand.

As spooky rumors spread about this haunted place, ghost sightings increased. Many people had claimed to sight apparitions within the cemetery. These sightings continued to become so prevalent that Taxi drivers even refused to pick up or drop off rides in that area, for fear they may accidentally pick up a ghost!

Gravestones in a Chinese cemetery in Bangkok.
Chinese Immigrants gravestones lined up in a row at the Teochew Cemetery.

Rumor has it that the cemetery’s transition into a public place of leisure has eased the spirits aggressiveness and negativity about their burial place. Though, it leaves me to wonder what the ghosts of the graves, which have not been looked after feel.

Grave in the haunted cemetery park of Thailand.
A grave shaded by a heavy tree.

Visiting Teochew Chinese Cemetery

The Teochew Chinese Cemetery is open daily to the public and is free to enter. The gates are open until quite late too. The cemetery sprawls across a vast area, though not all of it is maintained. It is an interesting place to visit if you are in the area.

Bangkok, Thailand smashed grave in public park.
A human bone that had spilled out of a smashed grave in the Teochew Chinese Cemetery in Bangkok, Thailand.

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