Vancouver’s Haunted Theaters: Ghosts of the Vogue and Orpheum

Vancouver’s Haunted Theaters: Ghosts of the Vogue and Orpheum

Vancouver’s Haunted Theaters

Vancouver is a stunning mountain set city with a lively cultural scene fostered within ornate and historic theaters. Granville Street lies in the heart of Vancouver’s entertainment district and is home to two of the most haunted places in town, which both just so happen to be theaters.

The Haunted Vogue Theater

Our first haunted theater of Granville Street Vancouver is the Vogue Theater. This art deco entertainment hub was intended to function as a movie house and was first opened in 1941. Today the venue is mostly used to stage live music performances, though one of the theater’s spectral inhabitants has also been known to put on a show for a select few.

Haunted Vogue Theater in Vancouver, Canada.
Standing outside of the Vogue Theater, one of the most haunted places in Vancouver, Canada.

Many staff members and visitors to the Vogue Theater have claimed to see the ghost of a young man with dark hair and stern-looking facial features. No one really knows the identity of this mystery spirit, especially since there have been no reported deaths to occur within the theater. Some have speculated that this man could likely be a past staff member, still working hard to keep the theater running. This theory is backed by the sightings of thus mystery ghost always being in areas that are restricted to staff only.

Marquee of the haunted Vogue Theater in Vancouver.
Bright lights of the haunted Vogue Theater shining brightly over Vancouver.

The apparition in question has been sighted in the theater’s corridors, projection booth, stage, audience seating and upon the catwalks. In addition, many people have heard strange noises coming from the empty theater, experienced suddenly dropping temperatures and even just that general feeling of uneasiness when someone is watching you!

The haunted Vogue Theater in Vancouver.
The street outside of the Vogue Theater where a former staff member is rumored to haunt.

The Haunted Orpheum Theater

Not too far from the Vogue Theater lies Vancouver’s haunted Orpheum Theater. This particular place, having opened in 1927,  is rumored to have a couple more ghosts than the Vogue.

Haunted Orpheum Theater of Vancouver, Canada.
Looking up at one of the most haunted buildings in Vancouver, the Orpheum Theater.

The first haunting came after a fatal accident by an acrobat performing on stage, saw the unfortunate man fall to his death. It seems even in death this particular performer still likes to put on a show. Many people have reported seeing a man standing on stage after hours or capture a glimpse of the dead acrobat manifesting on stage as a glowing ball of light.

Ghosts of Canada's haunted Orpheum Theater.
Vancouver’s Orpheum Theater is said to contain three ghosts.

Another well-known ghost within the theater is that of a washroom attendant. They appear to still be going about their duties in the downstairs male’s toilets. It is said that this spirit gets upset if women enter the bathroom, which is understandable. Our final ghost is that of an upper-class lady who may well be a theater-goer from a by-gone era. She is generally spotted on the upper balconies of the theater, standing and applauding before vanishing into thin air!

Visiting Vancouver’s Haunted Theaters

Both of Vancouver’s haunted theaters are still in operation today. The Orpheum Theater and Vogue Theater each support an array of different acts and have tickets on sale via their websites for upcoming events.

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