Top 5 Haunted Places in Austin Texas You Didn’t Realize Were So Spooky

Top 5 Haunted Places in Austin Texas You Didn’t Realize Were So Spooky

Haunted Austin

Austin is known for many reasons. Being the capital of Texas, a top live music destination, fostering towards small business, delicious tacos and a renowned University town. One thing that doesn’t spring to the minds of many is ‘haunted.’ Read on through my top picks of haunted spots right in the heart of Austin and you be the judge.

#5. Texas Governor’s Mansion

Built in 1856, this national historic landmark is one of the United State’s oldest executive residences. The Texas Governor’s Mansion, just a stone’s throw away from the Texas Capitol Building, sits proudly behind an iron fence concealing a history much darker than its brightly painted exterior.

Former President and Governor of Texas, Sam Houston, is thought to have taken up a permanent residence in the mansion following his death in 1863. Immediately after his passing, staff and visitors within the household begun to report sightings of Houston in and around his old bedroom. He would commonly be seen lurking in one corner of the room and thought to be responsible for lights that turned themselves on and off. This ghostly apparition tends to disappear whenever spoken to.

Another ghost confined to the home is trapped through his own tragic love story. Allegedly, a young man pursuing the Governor Pendleton Murrah’s niece in marriage was met with rejection. At just 19 years of age the distraught man returned to his room to commit suicide. Since this act, the room has been a hot spot for paranormal activity. Disembodied moans and groans, rattling, turning doorknobs and freezing cold temperatures are only some of the reasons why guests don’t get much rest when staying in the bedroom. Interestingly, this activity always spikes on Sunday, the same day this young man ended his life.

Haunted Texas Governor's Mansion
Looking up at the haunted Texas Governor’s Mansion through its iron gates.

Other ghostly guests haunting the household include Governor Pendleton Murrah, who has stuck around since his death in 1865,  a ghost of an unknown woman and an unmarried maid who was forced out of the mansion when her illegitimate pregnancy began to show.

The sheer number of ghosts within the Governor’s Mansion and its commonplace spooky occurrences back this property as one of Austin’s most haunted. You can find the Texas Governor’s Mansion at 1010 Colorado Street, Austin, Texas. The mansion is open for tours on select days.

#4. The Omni Hotel Downtown

In the heart of Austin’s downtown area resides a beautiful, luxury hotel. Those wanting to experience Austin from a prime location with modern amenities may check in to the Omni Hotel Downtown, yet a select few of the hotel’s guests will receive a rather frightening room mate.

The Omni Hotel is supposedly haunted by a ghost named Jack. Jack ended his life by jumping from his room’s balcony whilst staying at the Omni. Following the tragedy, house keeping staff were so spooked by his room. Feeling a lingering presence there, they actually refused to clean it for a period of time.

Omni Hotel Downtown.
Looking up at the haunted Omni Hotel Downtown in Austin Texas.

To this day, staff and guests allege to hear strange noises coming from Jack’s room at night and apparitions have also been sighted. Guests staying in Jack’s room have reported feeling uneasy, as if there is an invisible presence close to them, especially whilst sleeping. One woman was spooked when she awoke to feel a sensation like someone was trying to kiss her. All of this activity is thought to be caused by Jack’s restless spirit

Another creepy reminder of Jack is said to remain on the Omni’s computer system. Jack’s name is said to remain stuck in the system since his tab was never settled.

You’ll find the Omni Hotel Downtown at 700 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, Texas.

#3. Buffalo Billiards

Amongst all the hustle and bustle of Sixth Street sits a bar with more history than most realize. Buffalo Billiards resides in one of Austin’s oldest buildings, dating back to 1861, when it operated as the Missouri hotel and a rumored brothel. Today, the popular bar is a great place to play billiards or to find things that go bump in the night.

One ghost inhabiting the dark bar has been seen so frequently, he’s been given a nickname by staff. Now known as Fred, this mischievous spirit’s origin is unknown. Fred has been known to make sounds, move objects such as bar stools and pool cues and has even broken objects. Although a prankster, staff are not threatened by Fred’s presence and see him as someone who just didn’t want to leave the party after death. One bartender would always kindly pour Fred a beer at the beginning of his shift, to keep his spirit happy and settled.

Haunted Buffalo Billiards.
The exterior of the haunted building where Buffalo Billiards operates.

Majority of the paranormal activity reported within Buffalo Billiards is thought to link back to Fred. Yet, there have been other sightings within the establishment making the bar one of Austin’s most haunted places to hang out. In addition to disembodied footsteps, a woman wearing a white Victorian era dress has been spotted starting at those ascending the staircase. Child handprints have also mysteriously appeared on a pool table despite the absence of children since the 1800’s.

If you’re able to brave the ghosts, Buffalo Billiards is a cool place to hang out and have a drink. You can find it at 201 E 6th St, Austin, Texas.

#2. Texas State Capitol Building

The Texas State Capitol Building is a truly stunning centerpiece to the city. It has stood proudly in Downtown Austin since 1888 and today contains the offices and chambers of the Texas Legislature and the Office of the Governor. The dark and haunted history of the Capitol Building are just as interesting as the politics that have played out inside it.

It has long been thought that passers by could see the figures of ghosts walking up the path towards the Capitol Building on a foggy day. One of those ghosts might just be that of Robert Marshall Love, who served as the State’s Comptroller until he was murdered in his first floor office in 1903. He’s hung around his former workplace since and now scares tourists or staff by appearing in outdated suits with a top hat before disappearing into thin air.

Haunted Texas Capitol Building.
Outside the haunted Texas Capitol Building in Austin, Texas.

Another well known ghost of the Capitol Building is named the Lady in Red. She is commonly seen near the third floor dome hanging around a secret stair case where her former lover’s office once existed. It’s thought she is still waiting for her beloved to return.

Other notable spirits include former Texas First Lady Fay Wright Stevenson, who has wandered the hallways since her death in 1942 and former Governor Edmund Jackson who is seen peering out at visitors from a first floor window.

If you dare to visit or take a tour of the Texas State Capitol Building, you’ll find it at 1100 Congress Ave, Austin, Texas.

#1. The Driskill Hotel

The Driskill Hotel is undoubtedly the most haunted place in Austin, Texas.

It is Austin’s oldest operating hotel, having first opened its doors back in 1885. Col. Jesse Lincoln Driskill was responsible for bringing the hotel to life and he has continued to spend much of his time inside the hotel since passing over. Known for being a heavy cigar smoker, it’s easy to tell when Driskill’s ghost is near by the strong smell of cigar, which usually lingers around the stair case in the main lobby.

That same stair case is where many others have sighted the apparition of a little girl playing with her ball. It is the place Samantha, a Senator’s daughter, met her tragic death after falling down the stairs back in 1887. Hotel guests continue to hear her childish laughter and the bouncing of her ball to this day.

Haunted Driskill Hotel.
Across the street from the Driskill Hotel, Austin’s most haunted spot.

The most disturbing and famous haunting within the Driskill Hotel is that of two Suicide Brides. Legend has it that two brides committed suicide after their wedding ceremonies in the same bathtub, in the same room, exactly 20 years apart. Whilst little background information is available, the legend remains strong. The room in question is rumored to be #525.

Do you dare check in to or visit the historic Driskill Hotel and it’s ghosts? You’ll find it at 604 Brazos St, Austin, Texas, be on the look out for Col. Jesse Lincoln Driskill’s portrait at the top of the staircase in the lobby.

Thoughts on Austin’s Most Haunted Places?

What are your thoughts on these Austin, Texas haunts. Did I miss something creepy, have you visited any of them or had your own ghostly experience at any of these places?

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