Haunting of The Bellaire House, Ohio

Haunting of The Bellaire House, Ohio

The Haunted Bellaire House

Nestled along the banks of the Ohio River sits a house, that not many would pick as being one of the most haunted locations in the United States. The Bellaire House has become an infamous place, rumored to be filled with ghosts, demons and even portals to other realms.

Haunted Bellaire House in Ohio.
The extremely haunted Bellaire House in Ohio.

The house was built by Jacob Heatherington and his wife Eliza in 1847. Being constructed near the site of a fatal mining accident that claimed 42 lives, right over the top of a ley line, near the site of the French and Indian War and in close proximity to ancient Native American burial caves, the house has plenty of reasons to be haunted. Yet, more would present themselves throughout the years.

Ghost Stories of The Bellaire House

Eventually the house would be inherited by Edwin Heatherington, who tragically lost his sister, Lyde, who dropped dead in the home’s front room. Edwin would delve deeply into practicing seances in order to communicate with his deceased sister, inviting many people to the home to help him make contact. Some have speculated that this activity could have opened up portals within the building and why some of the Heatheringtons are still claimed to haunt the Bellaire House.

Seance Room in Haunted Bellaire House.
Altar displayed in the seance room.

Later, the home would become abandoned and neighbors would often claim to still sight figures within it. Until, Kristin Lee came into possession of the home and the true extent of the hauntings there would be realized. Kristin, along with her family, would make contact with a number of spirits and have many life changing paranormal experiences within the home.

Haunted bedroom.
A former bedroom within the haunted house.

Another of the well known spirits of the house is known as Emily Davis. Some believe she is a little girl, while others claim it is something of a Demonic nature, masquerading as a little girl. This entity is often seen in the attic, though in more recent years, has not been very active.

Emily Davis demon at Bellaire House.
A representation of the supposedly demonic entity, Emily Davis.

There is no shortage of strange activity to occur within the Bellaire House. Many have heard voices, footsteps, seen shadow figures or full bodied apparitions. People have witnessed poltergeist activity and some have even been physically attacked or marked by the unseen.

Haunting of the Bellaire Mansion Ohio.
Toys on display inside the haunted Bellaire House.

Visiting The Haunted Bellaire House

The Bellaire House is open to paranormal investigators who wish to rent the space for investigations and can be booked online. Kristin is an amazing host and extremely knowledgeable about the house, its history and the paranormal.

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  • Saraea Cooper

    Posted by Saraea Cooper on August 4, 2022

    I never knew about this place. I live in Sharon, Pennsylvania not far from the Ohio line, so it’s cool to know that a haunted location such as this is close to home.


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    I was born in Bellaire and the majority of my family still lives there. While paying them a visit, my wife and I drove by and parked in front of this house. The negative energy surrounding this home is crazy.


      Posted by Amy on January 3, 2023

      Thanks for sharing, Bob.

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