Do the spirits of Ashwell Prison refuse to rest?

Do the spirits of Ashwell Prison refuse to rest?


In the heart of darkness where the remnants of a World War II U.S. Army base once stood, lies a place that has become synonymous with fear and despair. Ashwell Prison is cloaked in the shadows of its haunting past, beckoning the brave to uncover its chilling secrets. Originally erected in 1955 as a category D facility for adult male prisoners this grim institution later transformed into a secure category C prison capable of holding up to 600 inmates. However, it is the tales of death, riots, and unexplained phenomena that truly send shivers down the spines of all who visit. Between 1978 and 2009, the prison witnessed 14 recorded deaths, each leaving an indelible mark on its desolate halls.

The imposing Ashwell Prison stands as a formidable barrier between freedom and confinement.

The year 2003 saw a notorious riot, as four prisoners barricaded themselves within a wing, wreaking havoc and causing destruction that would forever taint the prison’s history. In 2005, a dangerous and infectious inmate managed to escape while undergoing tuberculosis treatment, only to be recaptured days later. But it was a massive riot in 2009 involving approximately 400 inmates that pushed Ashwell Prison to the brink. Fires raged, rendering 75 percent of the facility uninhabitable, leaving three prisoners injured and several others in need of evacuation. In 2011, the prison eventually fell victim to its own chilling history, closing its doors forever due to the overwhelming costs of repairs and maintenance. Join us as we delve into the haunted Ashwell Prison, a place where terror still lurks within the darkness.


Disembodied footsteps are often heard throughout the desolate wings and vacant upper landings of the prison. The spirits of long-departed inmates are thought to still roam around the corridors, calling out from the confines of empty cells. Whispers and voices have been heard carrying across each wing, with EVP’s being reported as the most common phenomena captured by paranormal investigators. When you venture inside Ashwell Prison, the lines between the living and the dead often become indistinguishable. It is a place where dark figures run amok, faces peer out from windows and where echoing footsteps fill the emptiness. It is a place of whispers and voices, crashes and knocks, and where an unsettling energy permeates the air. Prepare to confront the paranormal at Ashwell Prison, where the lost souls of the past continue to roam these abandoned halls.

One of the eerie and ominous cells within Ashwell Prison where shadows have been seen fleetingly moving within.

On numerous bone-chilling occasions, reports have emerged about the haunting sight of a face often spotted looking out from the window on the upper landing of G wing. Encounters like this have left countless individuals trembling with fear, often refusing to return. The face, said to possess an eerie intensity, serves as a grim reminder of the suffering that unfolded within the walls of the prison. Many individuals steadfastly refuse to venture into G wing alone, due to the overwhelming and inexplicable sense of dread associated with that area of the building. Visitors and paranormal investigators alike have also reported sighting shadowy figures, these dark apparitions glimpsed fleetingly, evoke an unsettling sensation in the hearts of all who bear witness.

A mysterious face has been sighted on numerous occasions peering out from a window on the upper landing of G wing.

As visitors walk the corridors, they may find themselves plagued by mysterious headaches that come and go, thought to be caused by a malevolent energy that seeks to make them feel uncomfortable. In G wing, an inexplicable feeling of seasickness washes over all who dare to enter, leaving them disoriented and unnerved. Countless unsettling incidents have been reported, including that of being pushed, metal doors that close of their own accord, and sightings of eerie lights flickering in the shadows. An unmistakable scent of aftershave has been said to infuse the upper section of G wing, while ethereal silhouettes are frequently glimpsed in various sections of this wing.

This image depicts a corridor lined with jail cells, each one bearing the weight of its own haunting history.

During our time investigating within the walls of Ashwell prison, we made our way through each of the the dark and dimly lit corridors. We heard a faint sound that mimicked – soft muffled voices. As we followed the mysterious whispers, leading us to E Wing, our curiosity grew increasingly more charged, as if the walls themselves held secrets waiting to be told. With each step, we couldn’t help but ponder the tales of pain and suffering that this institution had witnessed over the years.

A corridor within Ashwell Prison that beckons visitors to unlock the mysteries of the past and delve into it’s haunting history.

But it is not just the tortured souls of former inmates that haunt Ashwell Prison. Witnesses have seen apparitions of lost souls, clad in the tattered garb of military uniforms, wandering around the grounds. These figures serve as a haunting reminder of the prison’s dark past, where lives were tragically lost. The accounts of paranormal activity at Ashwell Prison have captured the attention of paranormal investigators and enthusiasts alike, leading to organised ghost hunting experiences and investigations within its ominous walls.

Apparitions have been sighted walking the grounds of Ashwell Prison dressed in military uniforms.


Embarking on a journey to Ashwell Prison is an experience that defies description. As you step through its imposing gates, a sense of unease settles in the pit of your stomach. The crumbling walls and rusted bars serve as reminders of the haunting tales that unfolded within these grim confines. The air hangs heavy with the weight of sorrow and despair, as if the very essence of the prison’s tormented past still lingers. Whispers of forgotten voices and faint echoes of anguish seem to follow you, heightening the intensity of the eerie atmosphere. A ghost hunt at Ashwell Prison will give you the chance to unlock the mysteries hidden within the walls but will also leave you with a haunting reminder of the fragility of freedom and the depths of human suffering. Make sure to prepare yourself for an unforgettable visit to Ashwell Prison where the walls still hold the secrets of the condemned and the chilling atmosphere leaves you with a profound sense of awe.

Taking a moment to breathe in the air and ponder what freedom truly means after exploring the haunted Ashwell Prison.

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