Ghosts of the Colosseum: Most Haunted Place in Rome

Ghosts of the Colosseum: Most Haunted Place in Rome

The Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. Its imposing facade has stood proudly for thousands of years. Despite the Colosseum’s weathered and worn appearance the stones the building is fashioned from hold the true heart and many truths of Rome’s ancient past.

Roman Colosseum and the Forum.
Looking out across the Roman Forum at the proud site of the Colosseum.

The origins of the Colosseum date back to 72AD when construction on the grand stadium begun. Over the next 8 years, construction would continue on the Colosseum until it was finally finished. The Roman Colosseum was then opened to the public, purpose-built for the people of Rome. Its purpose was to satiate the entertainment needs of the Romans while keeping them in-line with the current power’s wishes. It acted as a stage for public executions, hunting spectacles and of course epic battles between gladiators.

Colosseum at night and its ghosts.
Inside the haunted Colosseum at night.

Blood was shed often within the confines of the Roman Colosseum. Though an accurate representation of just how many deaths were experienced within the Colosseum is not known, many speculate that the number may range between 500 thousand and one million human deaths, as well as many thousands of animals. Understanding the dark side of the Colosseum’s history makes it easy to see why many people consider it to be one of the most haunted structures in the entire world.

Looking for the ghosts of the Colosseum.
Outside of the Colosseum looking in for ghosts.

Ghosts of the Colosseum

Countless staff, visitors and passers-by have reported having paranormal experiences at the Roman Colosseum. Apparition sightings are said to be very common. One of the most frequently seen apparitions is that of a Roman soldier. This lone guard is usually seen at night when the landmark has been closed to the public, still protecting the Colosseum. Others have even reported to sight the grouped apparitions of a full crowd in the stadium’s bleachers seeming to cheer on a long past spectacle before suddenly vanishing.

Under the most haunted building in Rome.
The underground tunnels of the Roman Colosseum.

Though many have seen ghosts within the Colosseum, far more people have allegedly heard them. A lot of people have claimed to hear noises of pain echoing through the empty stone walls of the Colosseum. These have been described as moans and screams and are believed to be from past prisoners or gladiators meeting their fate. In addition to these human sounds of anguish, there have also been many people who have reported to hear the sounds of animals in pain, believed to be leftover energy from the many creatures slain for sport within the Colosseum.

Cross inside of the Colosseum.
The proud cross displayed looking out over the main floor of the stadium.

There are also stories of suddenly dropping temperatures, light anomalies and orbs being present within the Colosseum. With such prevalent ghost stories surrounding the Colosseum, many regard it to be one of the most haunted places in Rome.

Colosseum in Rome, Italy.
Touring the underbelly of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

Visiting the Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum is open to the public year-round and is a very busy tourist destination. Tickets can be purchased online, at the venue and can even be pre-booked to enter the Colosseum at night for a tour of the entire premises including its underground chambers. I highly recommend the night tour as it one way to see the building without the huge crowds. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time online for this tour and are far cheaper than any street vendors.

One of the most haunted places in Europe.
Exploring one of the most haunted places in the world.

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    We visited today and caught an orb in one picture. It’s a Live picture from my I-phone camera so I’m able to watch it move around. This is the reason I found your page. I have a tendency to attract this kind of activity but never once thought it would have happened at the Colosseum.

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