Most Haunted Mansion in Malaysia: Bukit Tunku

Most Haunted Mansion in Malaysia: Bukit Tunku

Bukit Tunku Haunted House

Tucked away secretively in the deep jungles of Kuala Lumpur’s most prestigious neighborhood, is a dark and mysterious ruin. Widely spoken of as one of the most haunted places in Malaysia, this ghostly beauty remains a hidden secret. It is evidently rarely visited due to its advanced state of decay and the animal carcasses within that had decomposed down to nothing more than bone. This notorious abandoned mansion in Bukit Tunku is a creepy sight to behold and a quiet, rare find for any paranormal investigator.

Overgrown abandoned mansion in Malaysia.
Gazing out of the overgrown abandoned mansion.

Ghost Stories of Malaysia’s Haunted House and Bukit Tunku

Just how did this now abandoned mansion become to infamous and gain its reputation of being one of the most haunted places in Malaysia?

Inside a real haunted mansion.
The overgrown interior of one of Malaysia’s most haunted buildings.

Whilst little is known about the actual history of this property, there have been some misfortune places upon it. The British Colonia mansion was built to hold a wealthy family and included a detached maid’s quarters. Sadly, the mother of the family living within this mansion committed suicide inside of one of the home’s bedrooms.

Bukit Tunku abandoned mansion.
A crumbled and rotting abandoned mansion, thought to be haunted.

After this, it remains uncertain of exactly what transpired, though the property was eventually abandoned and left to rot and become a dilapidated eyesore. Since this time, rumors that the house was haunted have swirled. Some say that it is the woman who ended her own life there that remains to haunt the property. Causing some to see strange light anomalies, her own apparition or being overcome with crippling emotion, rendering them unable to remain within the mansion.

Bukit Tunku haunted mansion, Malaysia.
Nature reclaiming one of the spookiest places in Bukit Tunku, Malaysia.

Whether these ghost stories are made of truth remains to be told. Yet, the prestigious area of Bukit Tunku, popularly referred to as the Beverly Hills of Malaysia, remains no stranger to reported paranormal phenomena. Legends of a phantom motorcyclist haunting the Bukit Tunku area exist. It is told that a high-speed accident claimed the life of this biker in the area. Many have since reported a motorcyclist whizzing them at high speeds, only to suddenly disappear into the darkness. In addition, a recent viral video showed what appeared to be a ghost sitting in the middle of a winding Bukit Tunk road. Interestingly, as the driver who had recorded this incident drove away from the strange apparition, all of the wiring on the dashboard of their car tripped. 

Haunted mansion in Bukit Tunku.
Walking through a haunted mansion in search of its ghosts and secrets,

Visiting the Bukit Tunku Haunted Mansion

While many remain skeptical of the paranormal in the Bukit Tunku area, I found its ghost stories, particularly those about this haunted mansion fascinating. I did struggle to find information about the location of this house. I do not recommend visiting this ruin as it is private property and extremely dangerous to enter. The building is in a very advanced state of decay and filled with hundreds of bats.

Scary place in Malaysia.
A scary place in Malaysia.

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  • Sam Cheong

    Posted by Sam Cheong on September 11, 2019

    Good evening Amy, I’m Sam from Malaysia, can I know the address of this Haunted house.


      Posted by Amy on September 11, 2019

      Hi Sam! Thanks for reading my article. I do not have the address for this building.

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    hey Amy, can you please give an info about where is it ? at least a clue? i mean you probably use google map to find this and remember something about where is it?


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      Unfortunately, I cannot share the location as I don’t have it. Thanks for the comment.

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    @Amy you should go investigate to ‘Pulau Besar’ at Melaka..


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