99 Door Mansion: Most Haunted Place in Malaysia

99 Door Mansion: Most Haunted Place in Malaysia

99 Door Mansion

Malaysia’s 99 Door Mansion is an urban explorers dream! An intact gloriously constructed mansion that has been left to decay for decades. It remains surrounded by an overgrown plantation, securing the privacy of the ruin. Yet, many refuse to enter or even approach this abandoned mansion for its dark connections to the supernatural world.

Haunted and abandoned 99 Door Mansion, Malaysia.
A spooky look at the exterior of the abandoned and very haunted 99 Door Mansion.

The 99 Door Mansion was built during the 1800s by the wealthy Ramsden family. On a chance, this family moved to Malaysia to grow their fortune by beginning a rubber tree plantation. The Ramsdens soon found more success with a thriving plantation that allowed them to construct their dream home. Their mansion, however, was to be tarnished in 1948 after their grandson, John St. Maur Ramsden, was murdered. John was shot twice in the head, to ensure his death, right on the front stairs of the mansion. Some have speculated that a jealous rival of the family was responsible for the murder, yet the case was never solved.

Spiral staircase in abandoned mansion.
Spiral staircase stretching to the upper floors of the 99 Door Mansion.

By the 1950s the 99 Door Mansion had been completely abandoned. Some people say that the entire Ramsden family died upon the grounds, which seemed to be cursed for them. Rumors exist that the home was occupied by the invading Japanese and they were the ones who killed the Ramsdens. However, this theory remains unsubstantiated.

Haunted mansion in Penang, Malaysia.
The grand staircase in the entry lobby of this haunted Malaysian mansion.

Supernatural Legends of the 99 Door Mansion

After the abandonment of the 99 Door Mansion, reports from locals about paranormal activity started to spread. Many people claim that the Ramsdens remain at their former home to haunt it. Yet, there are far more sinister tales involving the 99 Door Mansion compared to this run of the mill haunting.

99 Door Mansion ghosts.
Upstairs inside the notorious 99 Door Mansion.

It is said that after the mansion became abandoned, a Bomoh moved in to squat in the house. In Malaysia, a Bomoh is a form of Shaman, similar to a witch doctor, and this particular Bomoh practiced scarily dark arts. Supposedly, the Bomoh used the house to contact the other side. Once word of this grew throughout the community, people would visit the mansion to contact the dead or have evil curses placed upon their nemesis.

Upper balcony of the mansion.
The upstairs balcony attached to the 99 Door Mansion.

Though the mansion is uninhabited and dangerously rotted away today, many people believe that the mansion’s past has left behind paranormal stains. Legend has it that as the clock strikes 12 am each night a special 100th door, hidden within the mansion, appears and opens. This acts as a portal to the other side and allegedly allows dark, evil spirits to enter our dimension as they please. These dark spirits are cursed and have been described as having soulless black eyes.

Rotting 99 Door Mansion in Penang, Malaysia.
Peeling paint and cracking walls within the deteriorating home.

Some of the paranormal activity reportedly experienced within the house includes the sounds of ritual drums being beaten in and around the mansion, being scratched by unseen entities, growls, screams and even possessions. During my own visit, one of the craziest things that occurred was the sound of unexplained heavy footsteps running up an empty staircase. This was even recorded on my camera’s audio while filming.

Grand landing of the 99 Door Mansion.
Abandoned, yet still somehow grand. Inside the mansion’s upper floors.

Visiting the 99 Door Mansion

Visiting the 99 Door Mansion is reasonably easy. It is not overly close to anywhere built up or accessible by public transportation, so it pays to have access to a vehicle. The mansion lies on a plantation, which I believe is private property. I did not have any issues with this as I was invited upon the land by security personnel and workers at the plantation to explore.

How many doors inside the 99 Door Mansion.
Looking for the ghosts and the mystical 100th door inside the 99 Door Mansion.

I would advise extreme caution to anyone entering the building. It is in an advanced state of decay and the upper floors are held together by rotting wood, which has been visibly weakened by termites. Furthermore, some of the staircases have been set alight and have sustained a great deal of fire damage. Proceed with caution.

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