6 Most Haunted Places in Malaysia

6 Most Haunted Places in Malaysia

Haunted Malaysia

Malaysia is a unique part of South East Asia. It is a diverse place, abundant in different cultures and offers up many interesting locations to explore. Some of these sites may still hold scars from darker times of war or have remained tainted from torture and death. Needless to say, Malaysia has more than its fair share of ghosts. Let’s explore the 6 most haunted places in Malaysia.

6. Crag Hotel

Located on the side of Penang Hill is our first haunted location. The Crag Hotel has a rich history and gives off some seriously eerie vibes. This set of abandoned, heavily decayed buildings date back to the late 1800s and have had various purposes in life. It started out as a hotel but has also been a private residence, school and even a film set for a popular BBC television show.

Abandoned Crag Hotel on Penang Hill, Malaysia.
Entrance to the Crag Hotel atop Penang Hill.

While the Crag Hotel certainly doesn’t have any substantial ghost stories, there are whispers amongst locals which hint this place may be haunted. By whom or what, no one really knows, but it does seem plausible that energy from the past may have become trapped here.

Crag Hotel in Malaysia, abandoned.
The now-abandoned Crag Hotel, once a glorious sight, now a rotting building.

To reach the Crag Hotel you will need to take a short hike from the top of Penang Hill. Beware of the many dogs which guard the sole bridge that allows access to the hotel.

5. Shih Chung Branch School

The Shih Chung Branch School is an overgrown shell of a building once used to educate the future. After Malaysia was occupied by the Japanese during WWII the school was seized and repurposed for far darker tasks than arithmetic and spelling. It is said that the Japanese actually used the school as a type of administration building where some disturbing events were doomed to unfold. These included but were not limited to interrogations, torture and executions.

Shih Chung Branch School in Penang, Malaysia.
The front of the old Shih Chung Branch School in Penang, Malaysia.

Legends surround this old school like a bad smell. It is said that the execution victims’ ghosts remain alongside those of a select few Japanese soldiers. Many people have claimed to sight these spirits, hear them and even become suddenly struck down by overwhelming feelings of illness within the abandoned school.

Haunted and abandoned school in Malaysia.
Inside the dilapidated and haunted Shih Chung Branch School.

Today, the haunted Shih Chung Branch School is completely fenced off, destined to continue its demise in the middle of a city carpark.

4. SK Danau Perdana

Yet another school with eerie ghost stories and legends surrounding it makes this list. The SK Danau Perdana now barely stands. It was shut down in 2005 for the instability of its structure. While the locals hate the building, considering it an eye-sore, it truly is an urban explorers dream.

SK Danau Perdana haunted abandoned school in Malaysia.
Looking up at the scary sight of the haunted SK Danua Perdana School at night.

Long corridors and empty graffiti-ridden classrooms set a horror movie-like scene for the main ghost story centered here. Legend has it that this abandoned school is haunted by a Pontianak. This is a vampire-like ghost entity popular throughout Malay culture. The Pontianak is typically categorized as being created from the death of a pregnant woman during childbirth and is a truly terrifying figure in mythology. The origin of this school’s Pontianak is believed to be a former cleaner, who unfortunately passed away during childbirth.

Abandoned haunted school in Malaysia.
Standing amongst the unstable structure of an abandoned, haunted school.

For now, the haunted SK Danau Perdana still stands, though its future is uncertain with a possible demolition on the horizon.

3. Bukit Tunku

Our next haunted location in Malaysia has been completely reclaimed and engulfed by thick jungle. Despite existing in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Tunku is a well-hidden, spooky gem. While this property is extremely decayed and way beyond any restoration, what is left standing forms the outline of what was obviously once a magnificent mansion.

Haunted mansion in Malaysia.
The eerie abandoned mansion, said to be one of the most haunted places in Malaysia.

Ghost stories will have you believe that a woman committed suicide by hanging herself within this mansion. After her death, it is not really known what actions her family took which lead to the house becoming abandoned, yet some claim it could be caused by the curse and hauntings which spawned from her death.

Overgrown haunted house in Malaysia, the Bukit Tunku.
The Bukit Tunku haunted mansion in Malaysia, slowly being reclaimed by nature.

Today, the haunted Bukit Tunku remains hidden and is completely unsafe to enter.

2. Penang War Museum

The Penang War Museum is a truly disturbing omen to the war-torn past of Malaysia. It exists within an actual fort that became occupied by the Japanese during WWII. Because of this, it also took on the purpose of acting as a POW camp and in turn saw many people tortured and executed.

Haunted Penang War Museum.
The Penang War Museum, one of the most haunted places in Malaysia.

Many areas of the museum are now haunted. None more so that the underground tunnels, which run deep beneath the grounds of the museum. It is here that many people have claimed to capture sight of a Japanese executioner, which would be a terrifying vision in the claustrophobic depths of these dark tunnels.

Haunted tunnels at the Penang War Museum.
Underground tunnels said to be haunted by a Japanese Executioner’s ghost at the Penang War Museum.

The Penang War Museum is open daily to visitors for a small entrance fee.

1. 99 Door Mansion

The 99 Door Mansion is an obvious choice for the most haunted place in Malaysia. The abandoned mansion is a stunning sight, sitting secluded within an old plantation. The mansion was built during the 1800s for a wealthy family who had emigrated over to Malaysia from England. Their new mansion was to be more of a curse to this family than a home. In 1948 the family’s grandson was shot dead on the entrance stairs to this mansion. Other rumors exist that the entire family had also been murdered upon the grounds of the mansion after the Japanese had invaded Malaysia.

Haunted 99 Door Mansion in Penang, Malaysia.
The abandoned 99 Door Mansion in Malaysia, the most haunted place in the country.

Either way, the 99 Door Mansion was left abandoned by the 1950s. This was when a Bomoh, or Malaysian Witch Doctor, moved in. It is told that all sorts of black magic occurred here, including the opening of portals to the other side. This is rumored to have brought an array of dark spirits to the mansion, many of which remain today.

Stairs in the 99 Door Mansion.
Grand staircase leading upstairs in the haunted 99 Door Mansion.

Paranormal events are said to be frequent at the mansion, even extending to possession. Perhaps the most disturbing legend is that of the 100th door. Each night at midnight folklore states that a 100th door opens to the other side allowing the spirits of those who have passed over to freely enter the 99 Door Mansion!

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