The Curse and Haunting of Chiajna Monastery, Romania

The Curse and Haunting of Chiajna Monastery, Romania

Chiajna Monastery, Romania

On the outskirts of the bustling Romanian city of Bucharest sits the ruins of an unconsecrated monastery. While this foreboding stone edifice slowly crumbles, its superstitious legends remain strong and well-engrained in the minds of locals. Though the Chiajna Monastery was built as a place of peace and worship, it’s existence became something quite the opposite. Today, it remains a feared landmark to many. For those who believe these aging tales, the former church is both cursed and haunted by the dead!

Chiajna Monastery in Romania.
The forboding Chiajna Monastery of Romania.

Haunting and Curse of Chiajna Monastery

The Chiajna Monastery was built in the late 1700s but was doomed never to fulfill its purpose. Before the church could be adequately consecreted it was attacked by the Turks. They had been monitoring the construction of the church for some time and had mistaken it for a fortress. This was the first dark event in a sequence of many, which would lead locals to believe that the church was cursed.

Sign to the Chiajna Monastery.
Sign directing visitors to the history and supposedly cursed church.

Although the building had been stripped, damaged and is now in ruins, the church could have more life within it than a first glance alludes to. Despite losing its bell, some claim that its loud chimes can still be heard in the area during full moon-lit nights. Some say this could be those who lost their lives within the monastery calling out for help.

Haunted and cursed place in Romania.
the sun glimmering over the ruined Chiajna Monastery, which is considered to be one of the most haunted and cursed places in Romania.

Stories of death at the monastery are plentiful. After the siege on Chiajna Monastery by the Turks, the building was to be shifted into a new purpose. It was eventually used to house individuals who had fallen sick to the bubonic plague. Sadly, suffering here was profuse and many died of their illnesses within the old church. Adding to this death toll are multiple murders that happened in the area during more recent times.

Cemetery with the Chiajna Monastery in the background.
The Chiajna Monastery ruins visible on the horizon overlooking a local cemetery.

Perhaps, the most famous death and ghost at the Chiajna Monastery belongs to a young lady who was actually the daughter of Mrs. Chiajna. Supposedly, she was killed on her mother’s orders after betraying her. This young lady had simply run away with a lover that her mother disapproved of and paid the ultimate price.

Haunted monastery in Romania.
The crumbling and historic Chiajna Monastery.

Visiting Chiajna Monastery

The Chiajna Monastery is a ruin in an advanced state of disrepair. It is open to visitors daily, though you can only view the ruin from a wire fence that lines its perimeter. The ruin is likely unsafe to enter, having sustained great structural damage to its main tower as a result of an earthquake in the 1970s.

Haunted Chiajna Monastery cursed Romania,
Looking for the ghosts of the Chiajna Monastery.

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    Amy I can tell you that in Romania there are more haunted places that you can imagine however they aren’t documented sadly. Mostly only old people do know the haunted places but they dont speak English very Well so yeah great documenation anyways. Love from Romania


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