Eastern Station Hotel: Haunted Hotel in Ballarat, Australia

Eastern Station Hotel: Haunted Hotel in Ballarat, Australia

Eastern Station Hotel

Ballarat is a historic Australian town that was once consumed by a gold rush. It is a place many people from different walks of life have visited. For this reason, one of the oldest hotels in town has seen many people pass through its doors. The Eastern Station Hotel was established in 1862 and has had a long and impactful history. Some of this history has dark elements and there are rumored to be more than a few ghosts to have taken up residence in the building.

Eastern Station Hotel, Ballarat, Australia.
Looking up at the exterior of the historic and haunted Eastern Station Hotel in Ballarat, Australia.

The Haunted Eastern Station Hotel’s Ghost Stories

Some people claim that up to a dozen ghosts exist within the walls of this old hotel and pub. One of these ghosts is actually believed to be the original owner of the hotel, Thomas Redshaw Hunt. He has been sighted by many guests at the Eastern Station Hotel. He is generally described as wearing a large, black top hat, certainly fitting to the fashion of his time, and is often accompanied by the strong odor of pipe tobacco.

Upstairs in the Eastern Station Hotel.
Haunted interior of the Eastern Station Hotel.

The youngest ghost said to haunt the Eastern Station Hotel is that of two-year-old James Nunn. James died under tragic and accidental circumstances in 1863. After falling into a waterhole the young boy drowned. It is said that following his death, his body was kept in the cellar of the Eastern Station Hotel whilst it awaited an autopsy. Many believe that the young, confused spirit clung to this location not realizing how to move on. To this day, many guests claim to sight James running through the hotel, usually clad in old-timey brown clothing.

Hallway in the haunted Ballarat Hotel.
Dark hallway of the Eastern Station Hotel.

A mother and daughter ghost duo are also rumored to haunt the old hotel. In the 1870s Maggie, who was in her mid-30s, and her young 12-year-old daughter, Sarah, arrived on the shores of Melbourne. They were fresh of the boat from England and looking for a place to stay. After making their way to Ballarat the pair checked into the Eastern Station Hotel, where they would sadly never leave. Here, the pair died inside their room from Yellow Fever. They are thought to this day to remain at the Eastern Station Hotel to haunt it. They are commonly seen in the upstairs hallways and staircase, described as wearing dresses and having long hair.

Staircase where ghosts have been seen.
The staircase where the ghosts of a mother and her young daughter are often seen.

Additionally, there are also the ghosts of two older Indigenous Australian males who hang around downstairs. They are believed to be former caretakers of the hotel. There is also the spirit of a murder victim at the hotel. This was an Irish man who had served in the First World War. He was murdered while working in the hotel’s kitchen by a fellow staff member who was competing for the affections of the same young woman.

Ghost hunting at the Eastern Station Hotel.
Looking for the ghosts of the Eastern Station Hotel.

Visiting the Eastern Station Hotel

The Eastern Station Hotel contains some very interesting history and folklore. It is a charming, historic pub to visit and provides affordable accommodation near the town center of Ballarat. Stays can be booked online, though it is important to note that the hotel is also a live music venue and bands can be loud and run late into the night.

Train at the old station Ballarat.
Old train at the station across the road from the Eastern Station Hotel.

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