Feroz Shah Kotla: A Temple of Djinns in Delhi, India

Feroz Shah Kotla: A Temple of Djinns in Delhi, India

Feroz Shah Kotla

The Feroz Shah Kotla is located in the heart of Delhi, India. Despite dating back to the 1300s this site is quite well preserved and still a popular place to visit. The Kotla was an important fortress in its heyday, containing several buildings of historical and religious significance. The ruins left behind from this epic citadel now have importance to the locals who believe that entities, known as Djinns, dwell there. These beings are better known in Western cultures as Genies and are worshipped by visitors in ways that have become a tradition for this area.

Feroz Shah Kotla haunted by jinns.
People visiting the Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi, India. A place that is said to be haunted by Djinns.

Djinns at Feroz Shah Kotla

Djinns are a specific type of being said to have been created in a different way to humans. They are able to enter the dimension where humans exist, yet live in other dimensions, being able to freely travel between both. Djinns are able to shapeshift to look like humans or animals and can even interact with or possess human beings. They aren’t ghosts or angels, yet do share similar characteristics to them. Djinns are an interesting type of entity that aren’t deemed good or evil, though they can be either. The Feroz Shah Kotla has a very special relationship with Djinns with many people believing them to occupy the ancient ruins.

Stone ruins at Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi, India.
Stone ruins of the Kotla still standing strong.

Many who have visited the Kotla have reported to see, hear or interact with these Djinns. Their presence has become a part of this location and led to some interesting practices where the Djinns are actually worshipped and praised by visitors.

Offerings left by locals for the djinns.
Offerings that have been left for the Djinns that dwell in this mystical place.

Each Thursday, thousands of people will make their way to the Feroz Shah Kotla to pay homage to the Djinns and request favors from them. They gather to make offerings, typically of milk, grains, incense and candles to these beings in the hope of being noticed and heard. They’ll bring written letters which they will leave for the Djinns to read in the hopes that they will receive some kind of assistance from these special entities. These letters describe issues these people are experiencing in their lives and requests of wishes they would like to be granted.

Feroz Shah Kotla letters.
Offerings and a letter at the Kotla.

Whether these letters are ever answered remains a mystery, yet thousands of people continue to gather to try their luck with the illusive Djinn.

Inside a mosque in Delhi, India.
Inside the mosque where many gather to pray and leave offerings or letters.

Visiting Feroz Shah Kotla

The Feroz Shah Kotla is an interesting place to visit while in Delhi to take in a specific cultural practice. Entry is free and there are many ruins to explore. Shoes need to be removed when entering the main mosque. Thursday is without a doubt the busiest day of the week to visit, yet allows one to see the letters being left for the Djinns.

Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi, India.
Exploring the supposedly haunted Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi, India.

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