Ghosts of Richmond Bridge, Tasmania

Ghosts of Richmond Bridge, Tasmania

The Richmond Bridge, Tasmania

The Richmond Bridge holds the title of being the oldest bridge of its kind to still be in use within Australia. This historic landmark also holds a far more sinister title, also known for being the most haunted bridge in the country.

Haunted Richmond Bridge, Tasmania, Australia.
The quaint and supposedly haunted Richmond Bridge.

This attractive stone bridge holds a history extending back to 1823 when it was built by convict labor to cross the Coal River. The bridge was an important structure that allowed Hobart and outer penal settlements, such as Port Arthur, to become linked. During its long life, the Richmond Bridge witnessed a number of deaths and many people claim to this day, that the bridge is home to multiple ghosts.

Ghost Stories of Richmond Bridge

The most famous ghost story linked to the Richmond Bridge is that of George Grover. Grover was known to be a cruel man and in 1837 he was tasked with overseeing convict repairs of the Richmond Bridge. The convicts who worked under Grover grew resentful towards him for the brutal ways he used to motivate them to work. One morning, four convicts who had been working under Grover decided to exact revenge upon him. It is said that they beat the man, before throwing him over the edge of the bridge to meet his death below.

Ghosts of the Richmond Bridge, Tasmania.
The Richmond Bridge illuminated by night.

Ever since this murder transpired, George Grover is claimed to haunt the Richmond Bridge. Countless people claim to have sighted his apparition pacing the length of the bridge’s stone path or even stalking people. Grover’s spirit is said to understandably possess a lot of anger towards being murdered in such a way. This very anger is said to oftentimes take hold of visitors, who may suddenly feel a surge of anger that they cannot explain when walking over the bridge.

The stone bridge in Richmond, Tasmania.
Carbed stone denoting when the Richmond Bridge was built.

Another spirit that inhabits the bridge is also connected to George Grover, being dubbed ‘Grover’s Dog.’ Many people have claimed to see a large ghostly dog walking over the bridge. Some have described the dog as a large black entity, while others have described Grover’s Dog as being a white spirit. Either way, the canine ghost is believed to appear to escort lone females or children making their way across the Richmond Bridge late at night. He is thought to be a good spirit and protective of others.

Richmond Bridge built by convicts in Tasmania.
The haunted convict-built bridge of Tasmania,

One final spirit exists around this historic, stone bridge. It is said that when the bridge was being constructed back in 1823, one of the convicts on the job committed suicide by jumping from the bridge. Allegedly, he was pushed to his limits by the poor living and work conditions while the bridge was being built. Since his death, many have claimed to sight this man lurking on or around the bridge and often wearing a straw hat.

Visiting Richmond Bridge, Tasmania

Richmond Bridge provides visitors a dramatic entrance, over the tranquil Coal River, into town. It is a popular attraction for tourists and boasts plenty of historical value to Tasmania. It is a sight not to be missed for anyone visiting or even passing through the Richmond area. The bridge is open at all times and can be driven or walked across.

Haunted bridge in Tasmania, Australia.
Looking down from the top of the spooky bridge.

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