Haunted Tales of the 1889 McInteer Villa, Kansas

Haunted Tales of the 1889 McInteer Villa, Kansas

The McInteer Villa

The McInteer Villa dates to 1889 and is claimed to be one of the most haunted places in the state of Kansas. The gorgeous home was originally built by John McInteer who was born in Ireland in 1827, yet moved to the USA where he started a successful business making harnesses and saddles.

Haunted McInteer Villa, Kansas.
The exterior of the magnificent and haunted McInteer Villa.

The house would pass through various owners and even functioned as a boarding home for a number of years. During its lifespan, there have been 9 deaths documented within the home, including one by suicide. Some speculate this could have contributed to the prevalent paranormal activity still displayed in the house today.

Haunted mansion in Kansas.
One of the many spooky rooms within the haunted villa.

Haunting of the McInteer Villa

There are many areas of this house that are said to be active with the paranormal, but one of the more mysterious places is the Villa’s basement. This sprawling underground space consists of a number of rooms and no one is quite sure what it was used for. Some have speculated that illegal abortions or darker deeds occurred in the space many years ago, yet it truly does remain a mystery.

One room in particular seems to be the favorite place for a shadow figure to lurk, with many claiming to sight a tall dark man-shaped shadow who also isn’t shy to growl at visitors. Children have also been sighted and heard within the space with reports of babies crying even existing.

Haunted basement in McInteer Villa.
The former home’s basement is said to be one of the more haunted areas.

The ground floor is another place where activity is present. Here, people have heard strange noises such as the piano playing on its own, or the creaking of a rocking chair, which is also where Goldie, a former occupant of the house, passed away.

haunted rocking chair of Goldie.
This rocking chair has been said to move on its own.

The second floor, is again, extremely active. Here, many have sighted apparitions and shadow people, they’ve captured evps and seen objects move. One room which is of particular interest even holds a doll, which is itself supposedly haunted. This doll is actually a marionette, dates to the 1800s and sports real human hair on its head.

Haunted puppet.
The haunted marionette puppet at the McInteer Villa.

Finally, the attic space is another interesting spot. This area has been described as uncomfortable. Many have also sighted a shadow figure up there and a number of women have experienced more physical interactions such as being touched or scratched.

Haunted attic.
The attic space where some have been physically marked by spirits.

Visiting the Haunted McInteer Villa

The McInteer Villa is an amazingly preserved and decorated piece of history. Day tours and overnight stays can be arranged via the Villa’s website and I must highly recommend a visit. The owner of the property, Steph, is very kind, accommodating and knowledgable about the home and it isn’t a place to be passed up by paranormal investigators.

Haunted McInteer Villa, Kansas.
Looking for the ghosts of the McInteer Villa in Kansas.

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