Sallie House: Haunting or a Demon?

Sallie House: Haunting or a Demon?

The Sallie House

In the small picturesque town of Atchison, Kansas sits a former home that holds such notoriety many fear to enter it, this place is known as the Sallie House. Built in the early 1900s, the property was originally home to the town’s doctor and gained its name one fateful night, when a frantic mother brought her six year old daughter to its door step.

Demonic Sallie House
Is the Sallie House really haunted by a demon?

The young girl was in a great deal of pain and the mother pleaded for the doctor’s late night assistance. After a quick examination of the child, he concluded that her abdominal pain was appendicitis and made the quick decision to operate before her appendix could burst.

Sallie House staircase
Staring up the dark staircase of the Sallie House

Sadly, the eager surgeon didn’t wait for the anesthesia to set in and cut into the young girl, causing her final moments alive to be a torturous experience. That little girl’s name was Sallie.

Basement of the Sallie House
Notorious basement of the Sallie House

Some say Sallie’s spirit clung to the house after her death, others claimed occult rituals were performed in the basement of the property, but it wasn’t until 1993 when Tony and Debra Pickman moved into the property, when the haunting would escalate and become one of the scariest cases of paranormal activity the United States had ever seen.

Sallie House Basement
Does a demon really haunt the basement of the Sallie House?

Haunting of the Sallie House

The Sallie House is claimed by many to be haunted. But, the haunting of this property is a controversial one, with opinions split between a demon haunting the home and the ghost of a little girl named Sallie. Either way, the entity that lingers in the house is aggressive and known to attack men.

Sallie's Room
Sallie’s room is full of toys and offerings from visitors

The Pickmans who lived within the home can attest to this, with the husband, Tony, being attacked countless times by the entity. Often being scratched or even pushed down the stairs. It was Tony, who first sighted the entity of Sallie, drawing her as a cute little girl sporting a large bow in her hair. Yet, her appearance did not seem to match the behavior she constantly exhibited towards Tony. The attacks escalated and grew so bad that the Pickmans eventually moved out of the property.

Exploring the Sallie House
Me exploring the upper floors of the Sallie House

Since the home’s abandonment, paranormal investigators and thrill seekers have been allowed into the building, many of them have also reported to have paranormal experiences of their own. Men being scratched remains a common occurrence, but objects (such as toys) moving, voices, footsteps and cold spots have also been reported.

Visiting the Haunted Sallie House

The Sallie House remains open to the public. Tours and even overnight stays can be booked through the Atchison Chamber of Commerce. This house is not one to be missed for anyone truly enthusiastic about the paranormal.

Sally House Staircase
Would you spend the night at the haunted Sallie House?

If you are interested in other haunted places, the McInteer Villa in Atchison is also a very interesting place.

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