Haunting of the Old Hospital on College Hill, West Virginia

Haunting of the Old Hospital on College Hill, West Virginia

Old Hospital on College Hill

Originally named the Williamson Memorial Hospital, yet now dubbed the Old Hospital on College Hill, this historic building has a storied past. It officially opened on the 3rd of March in 1928 after the town’s other hospital burned down. Today, the hospital remains perched high on a hill, continuing its watch over Williamson though now in a decayed state. Appearing as a ghost of its former self, shielded by thick fog and surrounded by many legends.

Haunted Hospital on College Hill West Virginia.
The Old Hospital on College Hill, said to be haunted by its past.

The hospital was to become a state of the art health institution, treating many individuals over the following 60 years it would remain open for. Thousands would pass through the hospital’s doors. It would see death, birth and trauma of many kinds, all of which could be responsible for the paranormal activity that has plagued this location since it official closure in 1988 after a newer hospital was opened just up the road.

Haunted hospital in West Virginia.
Eerily empty hallways of the haunted hospital building in West Virginia.

Haunting of the Old Hospital on College Hill

Paranormal activity is said to span across each of the four floors of the hospital building, as well as its underground basement. Many people to visit have claimed to sight, hear, smell and even feel unexplainable phenomena within this mysterious building.

Haunted hospital building USA.
Many people to enter this haunted building have claimed to have paranormal experiences there.

Perhaps the best known ghost of the Old Hospital on College Hill is that of a grey nurse. She has been sighted all over the hospital and even been captured in photographs. It is said that she may have passed away in the building’s emergency room after finding herself in a car accident on her way to work. Sadly, she still remains continuing her duties in the afterlife.

Haunted Old Hospital on College Hill.
Would you dare to enter?

Another spirit said to linger is that of a man named Mose Blackburn. Mose was arrested after shooting, and killing a Police officer, who passed from his injuries at the hospital. Mose, who was also being treated at the hospital, fell from a window on the third floor during his stay. He did manage to survive the fall and was expected to make a full recovery, yet would die about a month later in the hospital. Many questions and much speculation surround Mose’s death. Did he jump himself, was he pushed in retaliation for his crimes, was some kind of dark supernatural force at play? Either way, many believe the Mose may continue to exist within the hospital after his death there.

Mose Blackburn window.
The third floor window where Mose Blackburn is said to have fallen from.

Another particularly active area of the hospital is the basement. This was for a time used as a children’s ward, a morgue, to produce X-rays and contained the infamous incinerator, where body parts and sometimes, entire unclaimed bodies were disposed of.

Haunted hospital in Williamson, West Virginia.
A child’s toy abandoned in the basement area of the haunted hospital.

Visiting the Haunted Old Hospital on College Hill

The Old Hospital on College Hill is an extremely interesting place to visit and to investigate. Many relics from its medical past still remain intact and add to its spooky atmosphere. Tours and private paranormal investigations can be booked online.

Ghost hunting in a haunted, abandoned hospital
Looking for ghosts in the haunted Old Hospital on College Hill, West Virginia.

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