Haunted Rue Des Chantres, Paris

Haunted Rue Des Chantres, Paris

Rue Des Chantres

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Filled with incredible sights, picturesque streets and the most delectable foods. The city has also become known for its darker side and the haunted rumors that linger over some of its biggest tourist attractions. The Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower and of course the Paris Catacombs are all claimed to be incredibly haunted. With such infamous and well-known haunts scattered throughout the city, there is another place said to be incredibly haunted, yet often overlooked. The Rue Des Chantres is a narrow passageway that rivals its haunted neighbors in dark events.

Rue Des Chantres haunted street in Paris.
Entrance to the haunted Rue Des Chantres in Paris, France.

Ghosts of the Rue Des Chantres

During the early 1900s, the Rue Des Chantres was home to an aging hotel that took on a different purpose to simple lodging. Disease had already swept through much of Europe and Paris had just begun to feel its terrible effects. To combat the spread of disease within the city, this old hotel was to act as a place of quarantine for sick children. These unfortunate children would often be locked away and housed in the lower parts of the hotel. Keeping them as far away from the public eye and the general population as possible.

Haunted place in Paris.
One of the most haunted areas of Paris.

Many children were housed along the Rue Des Chantres for prolonged periods of time without issue until a great storm was to take out its rage on Paris. The city saw extensive downpour and the Seine River was to break its banks under the pressure. Being positioned in extremely close proximity to the river proved disastrous for the Rue Des Chantres, which was completely flooded. Sadly, this flooding also breached the old hotel where the sick children had been locked in the lower floors of the building. The children were left without a means of escape from the aging building and perished, drowning in its depths.

Seine River, Paris, France.
The Seine River, which sits right alongside the Rue Des Chantres.

To this day, many people claim that the children who passed away due to these unfortunate events still remain within the narrow street. Countless people who have walked through the Rue Des Chantres passage have reported hearing the disembodied sounds of children whispering and playing when no one else is around. A truly sad omen to the young lives lost in the area.

Rue Des Chantres haunted by child ghosts.
Another shot of the Rue Des Chantres, said to be haunted by children.

Visiting the Haunted Rue Des Chantres

The supposedly haunted Rue Des Chantres is a public street in Paris, located just a short distance from the Notre Dame Cathedral. It is an interesting place of dark history and worth a walkthrough if sightseeing in the area. Maybe you can hear the ghostly children play for yourself?

Rue Des Chantres and the Notre Dame Cathedral.
Looking down the narrow alleyway where the spire of the Notre Dame Cathedral can be seen through the opening.

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