Haunting of the USS North Carolina Battleship

Haunting of the USS North Carolina Battleship

USS North Carolina Battleship (BB-55)

The USS North Carolina, today sits permanently docked in Wilmington, and is described by many as being one of the most haunted places in the state. Construction on the ship spanned from 1937 to 1941 and following attacks on Pearl Harbor the USS North Carolina was officially sent out to battle.

USS North Carolina.
On the deck of one of the most haunted ships in the USA.

The ship was built for speed and became well decorated during WWII, participating in every major naval offensive move in the Pacific area. However, moments of darkness did at times overshadow the accomplishments of the battleship and death was to occur on board.

Haunted Battleship North Carolina.
Walking the winding halls of the haunted Battleship North Carolina.

In September of 1942 the USS North Carolina sustained extensive damage when she was struck by an enemy torpedo, this attack killed 5 men on impact and injured 23 others. This tragic moment in time is said to have created one of the most paranormally active areas on the ship, along with many others.

Ghosts of the Battleship North Carolina

There are many areas on the USS North Carolina where people have claimed to have interactions with the paranormal. Phantom footsteps, voices and other noises, apparitions, strange sensations and orbs of light are all said to be common occurrences aboard this ship.

Haunted Battleship in North Carolina.
One of the birthing areas of the ship where some have sighted ghostly phenomena.

One of the most active areas on the ship is the area where the torpedo struck in 1942. The exact area of impact was right near a wash room and many claim, that one of the sailors who passed away during this incident still remains. Some to enter this space have heard voices, felt a cold presence and even seen objects move on their own.

Others have sighted a blonde haired man on board in various areas, including those that are sealed off to the public. It is also common for visitors to sight ghostly faces in the port holes of the ship.

Haunted war ship.
This ship was well equipped for battle during WWII.

Another of the more active areas on board is the former sick bay and surgical room. Here, footsteps and loud taps on metal have been reported and documented.

Haunted surgery on Battleship in North Carolina.
The surgical area, said to be one of the most haunted and active areas on the ship.

Visiting the Haunted USS North Carolina

Today, the Battleship North Carolina rests in place, preserving important naval history for generations to come. The ship, which now functions as a museum, can be visited and toured during the day. For those who are specifically interested in the paranormal, one can attend ghost hunting events on board or even privately rent the space for investigations.

Haunted USS North Carolina Battleship
Looking for the ghosts of the haunted USS North Carolina Battleship.

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