The Hosting Game: A Paranormal Ritual

The Hosting Game: A Paranormal Ritual

The Hosting Game

The Hosting Game is a paranormal game that has been circulating the internet for some time and popularized to the masses by Youtube creators. The game supposedly allows players to host a party with the aim being to invite three spirits to enter a room specified as the Hosting Room.

It is always difficult to trace the origins of such games and rituals as the Hosting Game. It is highly likely that this game was created as a means to scare and entertain, rather than actually summoning spirits. Nevertheless, it is always possible to get a response when reaching out to the realm of spirits and players should be prepared for this.

How to Play the Hosting Game

To play the Hosting Game one will need to be alone inside their house. The game is rather simple and all that is required are three matches, a pen and paper.

Step 1:

Select a room to act as the Hosting Room. This should be a small room that either has no windows or that has windows that can be covered. This will be the space where you will attempt to summon three spirits.

The Hosting Room.
Select an appropriate Hosting Room that you can make dark and close off to the outside world.

Step 2:

Wait until night has fallen. Once everything is dark make sure to turn off anything in your house which could cause noise and hence distract from the ritual. This includes any electronic equipment like televisions and phones. Every single light in the house should also be turned off.

Turn off lights to play paranormal game.
Ensure darkness by turning off all the lights in the house before playing this paranormal game.

Step 3:

Now, to prepare the Hosting Room. You should turn the light on in this room and only this room. Next, move to the room in the house which is furthest away from the Hosting Room. Here, you will recite “I will be ready soon.” Continue to move through each room in your home reciting this same line in each, until you are back at your Hosting Room.

Step 4:

This is the point where you will truly be getting your party started. Take your paper and pen and write out an invitation. It should read “You are invited to a gathering hosted by (your name). It takes place at (current time). Bring your friends.” Make sure to leave this written note in the middle of the Hosting Room and then move to the doorway. Here you will face inwards to the room and state “I am ready, you may come in.”

“You are invited to a gathering hosted by (your name). It takes place at (current time). Bring your friends.”
Writing a note for the Hosting Room.
Writing a note which acts as an invitation to spirits while playing the Hosting Game.

Step 5:

Immediately turn off the light and face your back to the Hosting Room. Now, take your three matches, proceed to count out loud from one to ten and then strike the first match. If your match lights on the first strike then say “I am glad to see you, thank you for coming.” If your match does not strike, simply proceed to the next step.

Striking a match while playing the Hosting Room.
Strike your first match.

Step 6:

Repeat Step 5, yet this time there is no need to count from one to ten. Simply proceed to strike your second match.

Strike three matches for the Hosting Game.
Repeat the process for each of your three matches.

Step 7:

Now it is time to strike the final match. Again, if the match strikes on the first attempt state “I am glad to see you, thank you for coming.” If this match does not strike you are in trouble. Supposedly this signifies that you have unwanted guests within the Hosting Room. This could mean bad spirits or in some versions of this game, demons. If this happens it is recommended you immediately skip to Step 8 and end your game.

If your match strikes successfully then you have three spirits in your Hosting Room. It is said that you will be able to hear them moving around in the room and whispering behind you. It is advised that you do not turn around at any point during the game. No matter what you hear or what happens do not look behind you.

Stand in the doorway of the Hosting Room. DO NOT look behind you!
Standing in the doorway of my Hosting Room and making sure not to look behind me.

Step 8:

To end the game, simply turn on the nearest light to you and say “Thank you for coming, goodbye.”

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