La Moira House: Most Haunted House in Mexico

La Moira House: Most Haunted House in Mexico

La Moira House

Mexico City holds a building so sinister it has been completely painted black. This building is known as the La Moira House and it is thought by many to be the most haunted house in the entire country. Sitting in the San Miguel Capultepec area, this ominous house has amassed a serious amount of legends, which all seem fitting to the home’s spooky appearance.

Black La Moira House, Mexico City.
The black exterior of the La Moira House in Mexico City certainly helps bolster its dark reputation.

Hauntings of La Moira House

The most widely told paranormal story of La Moira House is one that is devastatingly depressing. It focusses on a young boy named Marcus who supposedly paid a visit to the home when he was just 8 years old. At this time, the house was abandoned and Marcus’ curiosity got the better of him. Upon entering this now notorious dwelling, Marcus witnessed something that would stick with him and scarred him for the rest of his life.

As the timid young man slowly entered the empty building, he heard voices emanating from the empty rooms. Something that he couldn’t quite explain. These strange voices only piqued his interest more and spurred him on to explore the home further. Marcus bravely proceeded to walk up the stairs of this home and enter one of its bedrooms. It was here that he witnessed a disturbing apparition of a man who had been hanged from the ceiling.

Ominous La Moira House.
The most ominous looking house on the street.

Understandably, this scared Marcus so much that he fled the house. Sadly, this sight also did a lot to disturb Marcus. The apparition of the hanged man apparently dominated his thoughts from then forward and put him into a dark mental state. For the following 10 years, these same dark thoughts continued to plague Marcus’ mind to the point where they drew him to return to the house. Obsessed with the house and in a strange twist of fate, Marcus entered the same room he had seen the apparition of the man hanging all those years before. He then proceeded to hang himself.

No one truly knows the reason as to why this disturbed young man would return to a place that caused him so much fear and anxiety. Many have speculated various reasons, one of which involves a possession by a dark entity that could have coaxed Marcus to return and then take his own life. Other theories get a little more elaborate, stating that as a child Marcus witnessed his own body hanging and returned to this haunted house to fulfill some kind of sick prophecy.

Haunted La Moira House.
Sign displayed on the infamously haunted La Moira House.

Whether this story is etched in fact or fallacy, many who enter the old house have claimed to encounter the paranormal. They have seen and heard the unexplained including disembodied voices and shadowy figures. Perhaps, most disturbingly some people to visit have even been taken over and possessed by something, not of this living world.

Visiting the Haunted La Moira House

At one point in its life, the La Moira House was a gallery and open the public. Today, it is unfortunately a private residence and not accessible to the general public. Though no longer accessible, the house continues to be known as one of the most haunted places in Mexico. The menacing, black house, however, can be viewed from the street outside.

Most haunted house in Mexico.
Is this truly the most haunted house in Mexico?

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