Letta Me Out: One of the World’s Most Haunted Dolls

Letta Me Out the Haunted Doll

Letta Me Out is well known amongst the paranormal community as being one of the most haunted dolls in the world. The doll, which currently resides in Australia, is surrounded by quite a bit of mystery. While the doll sports exaggerated facial features giving it a wicked look that is offputting to many, this haunted doll may not be as bad as its evil appearance suggests.

Haunted doll Letta Me Out.
The notorious Letta Me Out haunted doll!

Letta’s Origins

Letta’s story can be traced to the small town of Wagga Wagga in rural New South Wales, Australia. It was here, during the 1970s, that a young man by the name of Kerry Walton decided to explore an abandoned house with his brother. The two men had always been inquisitive over the property, having heard countless stories of it being a haunted house as kids.

It was within this house that Kerry was to make a shocking discovery! Underneath the floors of the decaying property, he spotted something sinister, which at first glance looked to be the body of a dead child. Upon closer inspection, Kerry had discovered a strange doll with a wicked grin. Kerry felt compelled to rescue the doll from beneath the house. It was on the long drive home to Brisbane that these brothers were to dub the doll ‘Letta me Out’ after making jokes that the doll appeared to be moving within the sack he was being transported inside of.

Letta Me Out doll moving.
Letta Me Out, a doll known to move by itself.

Kerry’s family were understandably apprehensive towards the doll when he was first brought home, yet it was the strange activity to follow that really had them unsettled. It is said that the Letta me Out doll would move around on its own accord. With strange scuff marks, apparently left from the doll’s shoes, were found around the house each morning. In addition, some people had an aversion to the doll’s presence, feeling sick, faint or overcome by emotion when the doll was around. Animals, namely dogs, would act strange around the doll too, trying to bite and attack it.

Letta’s Past

Because so many strange occurrences had happened surrounding the Letta Me Out doll, his new owners became curious as to what they could learn about the mysterious children’s toy. To their surprise, experts were able to date the doll at around 200-years-old, by analyzing some nails held under the doll’s feet. It was also speculated that the doll had been handcrafted somewhere in Eastern Europe, likely in Romania, judging by the doll’s gypsy-like appearance. Interestingly, the doll even has a full head of human hair!

Most haunted doll in Australia.
Meeting one of the most haunted dolls in the world.

In addition, the doll was also taken to a psychic for analysis. The psychic came up with some compelling information, which has been reiterated by other psychics throughout the years. It is said that the doll is actually inhabited by the spirit of a young boy who died a long time ago from drowning. It is also speculated that the doll may have been created in this boy’s likeness. Kerry was even allegedly told that he would never be separated from the doll. This was put to the test when the opportunity to sell Letta Me Out arose, yet Kerry just couldn’t bring himself to part with the doll.

Letta Today

Today, Letta Me Out has become an integral part of Kerry’s family. Though this haunted doll appears to look a little creepy, its sad backstory means that the doll may just be inhabited by an innocent child’s spirit. The doll is believed to be good-natured and to even bring luck to those who come into contact with it (just one reason I was excited to meet the doll for myself).

Very haunted doll.
Meeting Letta Me Out, a very haunted doll.

Kerry tours and does occasional public appearances with Letta where fans of the doll are able to meet and have their photo taken with one of the world’s most haunted dolls.  I have found the best way to keep up to date with the doll’s activities and appearances are via Letta’s Facebook page. An added bonus of following Letta Me Out on social media is that all posts are written by the doll in the first person.

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